Monday, November 30, 2015

Wk 78 - tomé

Companion: Elder Anderson
Area: Tome

we did an activity of family search in a park in tomé
family tree. we had people random people write a name
 of a family member that had died on a tree in the park. it turned out great!!

i love my new sector and i am so happy here!! the ward seems pretty awesome and i think it is one of the biggest wards i have been in! this past sunday there was 113 people that went to church! we get a lot of help from the members too. 

this past week when i got here on monday i was told that a guy was going to be baptized and he ended up getting baptized in the ocean which would be the first time for me to see that! it was pretty cool! he was a guy names Luis and he had such a strong testimony and i was very impressed. 

the bishop in this ward is 31 yrs old. he is very young but a sharp guy. i am excited to be here and i hope i will be here for a long time!! i have a pic of the zone of tomé but we have transfers today so it will be different but i will send you some pics we took this past week!!

this past week my comp and i walked up a famous hill here called the cerro santo (holy hill) it was crazy. i got up to the top and i was sweating so bad!! haha normally people take a taxi to the top but the line was long so we just walked up! 

this past week this lady stopped her car and saw that my comp and i were getting a picture taken and she told me to go over there so i went over there to talk to her and she was like hey can we take a pic together? i was like huh.. sure.. it was kinda weird but she said that she wanted to show everyone her new boyfriend... then i told her it would be best if we didnt take a pic together and then she kinda made some inapropiate comments after that so it was kind of a weird experience! haha this week was really good though!! 

love you guys and have a wonderful week

elder smoot


*how's your new companion? 
he will finish his mission this next transfer and he is from eagle idaho

*how's your new area?! 
beautiful with a LOT of hills haha and just in general the city is nicer. you should look up tomé on google maps or something! i am in the ward Tomé.

*your Christmas package?! 
i haven't seen anything just the protein but yeah everything was in it. it was easy to transfer because the assistants have a truck and they came and picked me up so it was a lot easier

*Is this zone bigger than in Penco? 
yeah it has a little more missionarys. most of it is sister missionarys

*is Sister Briggs in that zone? 
she is in my ward. i saw her a lot this past week because she works in the same sector but she just got transfered to another sector

*how often will you travel into Concepcion? 
i dont know today i went but i think we will stay here in tomé for p day because it is cheaper that way

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