Monday, November 2, 2015

Wk 74 - zona penco

Companion: Elder Andrade
Area: Penco

 thanks for the mustaches
my agenda 
i had some friends from centinela visit me at church
and darwin goes to utah in december jsyk

a bug in our house and the view from the outside.
we live behind this house by the way 

we did service in his back yard. he is planting a garden
i cut pablos hair! haha 

everything is going super good!! this past week something pretty cool happened and it was so sweet!! this past monday after i wrote you guys and i went to the office and everything and i got back home we had to switch out some beds in our house that were broken and we were doing that and i got a call from an elder in the office and he just asked me what i am up to and everything but after he says hey there is someone that wants to talk to you and it was elder sheffield that was in the office and i talked to him for like 2 minutes. he had to go to the office for his companion and i just missed him!! it was still cool to talk to him over the phone! it sounds like he is doing great! 

this past week my comp and i found a few people that are really good. one is a kid that is 15 yrs old and we taught him. his mom is less active and we put a date for his baptism the first appointment and it was sweet. he did go to church yesterday and today i am going to call him to see if he has received an answer yet about the church. we talked to him yesterday and he said he like the church and all so that was good to hear. it helps that one of his friends is the bishops son! he is preparing to be baptized the 21st of nov. 

we have some other people that we are working with but have problems with the word of wisdom. this past sunday as well the church had the biggest attendance i have seen too which is pretty sweet!! 87 people went to church and it was the highest i have ever seen. 

all in all it was a pretty good week and i am loving my time with my comp elder andrade. its crazy how much happiness it brings me to be able to serve in the lords work and i know if i am obedient and i am diligent the lord will bless us with success. i am loving my time here although at times i find myself exhausted a lot!! haha 

love you guys and have wonderful week! 

i hope i wrote enough for you mom!!!;) 

elder smoot

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