Monday, May 25, 2015

Wk 51 - ANother WeEk

Companion: Elder Copling
Area: Talchuano
interviews on my b day

well my comp got bit by a dog this past week so we had to go get shots at the hospital and the elder that took us in the car drove us by where the temple is going to be in concepcion

THis past week was cool!! 
for my b day my comp made me breakfast and it was good! 
he made sopaipillas or scones for my b day and it was way nice of him!

I want to congradualte PG baseball for taking state! thats pretty cool! 

I also went to a members house and they gave us cake for my b day and the elder haws birthday. I got some pics of that. It was a good b day. oh yeah and as well we had interviews with president on my b day so that was cool! i got go to his nice house for my b day.

b day pics with elder haws

Its been a pretty good week but i just need to work on focusing a little bit more. Its kinda been hard week with my b day everything but everything will be good. I love the satisfaction i feel from a good day and hard work.

i know this gospel is true and just like you always say mom you got to keep being strong! right? 

love you guys and i hope you have a great week. I will be sending pics in a little bit.

elder smoot

Monday, May 18, 2015

Wk 50 - The Birthday Week already?

Companion: Elder Copling
Area: Talchuano
we put like 10 grapes in our mouth
there was a cool cloud coming off the ocean one day!

It has been a good week! so guess what? elder copling and i will have another baptism this week! pretty cool huh? its a kid that is 18 and his name is matias. he is pretty cool and wants to be a missionary too. just so you guys know him a little better is he lives on his own because he had family troubles and he lives in an abanded house. he is way excited for his baptism too. he actually left with us yesterday to visit some people and he isnt even a member yet. he is pretty cool!! 

I have been reading a book lately that brother johnson gave me before i left. i found it in my bag and so i picked it up and started to read it. it is a book called believing christ. it talks about the atonement and how we don't only need to believe that christ lives and that he is real but believe in his words. some times we catch ourselves thinking how on earth can i be forgiven for that. that was a terrible mistake? but in reality through christ we can be forgiven for our sins. as i have read this book i have been able to understand better the atonement and what a miracle it is. it gives really good examples of the atonement and it has helped me to strengthen my testimony. 

i love this gospel and i know this church is true without a single doubt!! i love you guys and hope that you guys can have spiritual experiences every single day. i know it is kind of crazy now that i love to read and everything but i really do love this gospel. i will for sure enjoy my first and last birthday that i will have here on the mission through sharing the gospel. 

love you guys!!

elder smoot

Monday, May 11, 2015

Wk 49 - Happy Mothers Day!!!:)

Companion: Elder Copling
Area: Talchuano

this is how i look when it is rainy outside. its going to be pretty much raining every day in the winter!!

just some views from our sector!! 

a little soccer field that we saw! haha i thought it was pretty cool!!

Luis is a recent convert who has less than a year as a member of the church but is preparing to go on a mission.

first of all it was so nice to see you all yesterday!! honestly it is crazy how fast time goes and i feel like so many things have changed! i am grateful for you guys and one of the many blessings the mission brings is a reminder how important the family is and what a great blessing it is. i am conviced ive got the best family without a doubt!!

We did have the baptism of carlos yesterday and it was sweet!! and now he is going to get a calling in the church to be a missionary of the branch! its so cool! now we got matias who is going to be baptized the 23th of may and i am way pumped about that too!! i love this work! although it is crazy and you are constantly worrying about a ton of things i still love it!!

i hope you guys have an awesome week! i will be sending pics from the week!!

Elder Smoot 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Wk 48 - 11 months!!

Companion: Elder Copling
Area: Talchuano

Temis Andrea Fonseca Ferreira
(this was from the mission facebook page)
One of my very favorite traditions is breakfast with our family on the Saturday morning of General Conference. To keep the tradition alive here in Chile we made cinnamon rolls and took them to some of our favorite missionaries this morning. 
‪#‎BecauseHeLives‬ our family (including our mission family) can be together forever

It honestly is crazy how fast time goes by!!! today i went to the office and i saw my old comp elder ronco and he has finished his mission and is going home tomorrow!! it was way good to see him before he left!! i love that kid!! 

we got more good news is i got another transfer with elder copling and so i am way pumped!!!! the best part is that there is even more good news!!:) we got a baptism this week for carlos and we brought another investigator to the church yesterday with a date to be baptized. 

This new investigator was a miracle! he showed up at church because a recent convert brought him and he is 18 yrs old and we talked to him at church and gave him a baptism date right there at church. it was sweet. we went on sunday in the night to teach him a lesson too and he excepted the restoration of the gospel and now has plans to be baptized on the 23rd of may!! i just cant believe all the miracles that happen. i have never felt this much joy my entire life. just everything seems to be going good!! 

I guess i dont have to write that much because i will be talking to you guys this week on sunday but this past week we went to the huascar which is a boat that went through a war back in the day with peru and chile and chile stole the boat from peru. it was way sweet and i will be sending some pics about that!!! 

i love you guys and i will see you on sunday!!:)

elder smoot
the huascar
by the way this guys twin brother lives in sandy utah. 

this kid plays football for air force- elder watts

this thing is a hole a mile long in the ground where they pulled miners out a few years ago