Monday, December 7, 2015

Wk 79 - christmas season!

Companion: Elder Anderson
Area: Tome

i got to agree with you mom it is hard to be in the christmas spirit without some cold weather. now you know how i have felt! haha (Alan and I just spent a week in southern Florida and I told him it was so weird seeing Christmas decor without the snow and cold!)

I am loving this area honestly! it is so big but incredible!! i have seen some amazing things here. This past week we brought 2 investigators to church that have a baptismal date. their names are carlos and manuel. manuel he is an older guy and always shows up to church alone which is incredible!! he is awesome!! carlos is a young man he is like 20 yrs old por ahí. he is super cool and showed up to church with is girl friend and he is way cool! he plays in a band and has a crazy hair cut but i get along with him pretty well!! 

on saturday the lord helped us by putting carlos in our path when we were walking home and we talked to him and commited him to church right there! it was awesome! manuel told us he wasnt going to be able to go to church and still showed up!! it was another miracle. i asked him what changed his mind and he told me that his wife made him go and his wife is part of another religion! haha he is a jokester for sure!! 

anyway this week went by so fast that i didnt even take pics!!!:( i will take pics next week for sure!! well i love you guys and just so you know you have to tell me what time would be best to do skype? i would like to do it around 7 pm chile time! so you can let me know what would be best!!

 love you guys!!!

elder smoot


*did you get to watch the first presidency Christmas devotional?no it was really late for us

*are you doing your 25 days of Christ?!
yes thanks mom!! its pretty fun to open a present every day!! just so you know i wanted to wear the shoes to church yesterday so i took them out!! i will take really good care of those!!! i loved them!!

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