Monday, October 26, 2015

Wk 73 - servicio

Companion: Elder Andrade
Area: Penco

My new comp- Elder Andrade
well things are going super good here! My comp and i have put together some goals to work better with the members and i am really excited about this transfer. i know we will find success. my new comp is way cool and tiene una buena onda. he is legit as well. thats got to be a bonus being a zone leader is that all my comps are way good missionaries. and he is from mexico city and he is a very christlike person and finishes his mission in 11 weeks.

this past week we did some service at pablos house which was fun. we ate lunch with him like 3 times this past week! pablo is the guy that leaves with us a lot to work. he as well went to the temple for the first time this past week!! 

i will be sending some pics form the service and last week when i told you about the story from my first sector i actually ran into that family last week!! i will send a picture of them! they now have been members for more than a year!! its pretty crazy!!! 
lorena, ignacio, and diego
i did get the package and the missionaries in my house are happy about it too!! thanks mom for all you do and i want you to know i love you!!!!:)

Monday, October 19, 2015

Wk 72 - cambios

Companion: Elder Rodriguez
Area: Penco
my comp gave me a suit from italia and let me know if you like it!!!;) 

the view i got here in penco

well sorry about the short letter its just i dont have much time because my comp has to be back at the office soon and i have to be with him. but i am staying in my sector and i will be with elder andrade from mexico. i know him and he is a cool guy!! i am excited for the next transfer! 

yes andres did get baptized this past week which is way cool and will be confirmed a member next week!! 

i have some pics i will be sending!!! 

elder smoot

Monday, October 12, 2015

Wk 71 - mini cambio y completaso

Companion: Elder Rodriguez
Area: Penco

Chile Concepcion Temple
ground breaking October 17, 2015
completos at the activity
well this week was way good and today we did an activity and we played soccer and it was way fun. this week we have the chance to watch the ground breaking of the concepcion temple so that will be awesome!!! this week we will be having two baptisms in our ward. one of them is from the other elders fraga and whitman and elder rodriguez and I have a kid who never was baptized and he is 9 years old and he has family that are members that go to church so we will have to organize his baptism this week so it will be cool. I am pretty excited for this week.

the story for mom...(I was asked to share a story in primary next week)

 one day it was raining pretty hard and it is said that nobody will listen to you in the street when it is raining. i was with my companion and he was determined to continue to talk with people in the street. we came across a lady in her thirties and she stopped and it kinda surprised us and she listened and we wrote down her address and we went by another day. that first lesson we talked about her family and how they can be together forever. the spirit was so strong in the lesson and it was at the beginning of my mission so i didnt understand everything completely. I was able to bare my testimony about the families and she was crying at that moment because of some hard times that she was having. the next month she was baptized along with her son and they have now gone to the temple and have done baptisms for the dead. it is cool to see the progress that they have made. the son ignacio has plans to serve a mission when he is older.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Wk 70 - conferencia general

Companion: Elder Rodriguez
Area: Penco

general conference was sweet and i felt the spirit so strong during those sessions. 

I am doing really well. 

our mission president lets us go to chillan to buy soveniours (i dont know how to spell that) and so today i am writing from chillan and soon will head back to my sector. 

this past week we had two people with baptismal dates but none of them came to the general conference which is sad.. one of them is a little kid who is 9 years old and hasn't been baptized yet so we are going to teach him and baptize him this week. his whole family are members it is just that i havent been very well in getting him baptized. so there will be a baptism not this week but the next week so that will be fun. he has been to church a lot of times. it was cool when we went to talk to the family about andres and him getting baptized(the nine year old) and when his mom said yes he can be baptized he started to cry and it was cool to see the kid crying because he was so happy.

today i saw my old companion elder copling and he finishes his mission in a couple weeks and will be back in utah the 20th or something like that. pretty cool and it was good to see him. 

today as well i saw the assistant to the president from marks mission and told me mark is doing really well and it was good to see someone who knows mark! 

well i am glad to hear from you guys and keep up the good work and have a wonderful week!!

elder smoot