Monday, February 29, 2016

Wk 91 - otra semana en tomé

Companion: Elder Stallings
Area: Tome´

my comp's toenail fell off!
this past week we have found some new investigators but none are willing to act yet. one of the investigators is elia and she is a family member of another member. thats why i feel like she could be good. manuel this past week went to church and he has fecha for the 26 of march. the problem with him is his wife doesnt like any other church besides hers. i hope one day she will have a change of heart. 

one thing that was really cool is this past week we had the opportunity to listen to elder bednar and he talked to all the missionaries here in the sudamérica sur region. he taught along with his wife some really important parts. i learned a lot from him and i felt the spirit really strong in the conference. i know he is an apostle of god. it is crazy his ability to teach. it was funny too because he would say some words in spanish and it was pretty funny. he had a translator by his side the whole time and it was a great experience. 

i played soccer this past week here in tomé and some members visited me from my past sector valle hermoso in penco. 

it was a great week and i am looking forward to another great week.

elder smoot

Monday, February 22, 2016

Wk 90 - ¡Cambios!

Companion: Elder Stallings
Area: Tome´

hermana moraga finished her mission. (she was in our zone)

well this week went by really fast. well this past week we got permission to go on a little trip with the ward. we had to come back after lunch to work but it was really fun. it was by a little river and i brought a frisbee so we played with that. there was a frisbee in the house when i got to the house. 

diego the recent convert will be giving his first talk sunday which is cool. i have given 2 talks in the ward and i gave a talk yesterday actually. i talked about having a broken heart and a contrite spirit. it was pretty cool. its crazy that before i used to get nervous to give a talk now i like doing it. 

we also played a little soccer this past week. we played against a ward called dieciocho(18). they brought some members and we played against them and it was a good time! i am still loving soccer! 

a story this past week was when we were going to play soccer we had to go look for a less active to bring him to play soccer with us. we were walking up this hill called cerro navidad and we saw this guy passed out and drunk. normally we just ignore them and keep walking but these twins that leave with us a lot one of them said hey elder smoot you cant just leave him here he could get robbed. i was thinking you got to be kidding me i aint touching this guy! haha i thought about it and we tried to wake him up and he kidda woke up a little to point in the direction of his house. my comp and i picked him up and pretty much carried him to his house. when we got to his house a family member left the house and thanked us for having brought him to the house. after doing that one of the members said now dont you feel good? and the truth was that i did feel good. it was a cool experience! but this past week was way good! 

i am excited to get started with this new cambio i know it will be a great one!!

elder smoot

Monday, February 15, 2016

Wk 89 - día de enamorados

Companion: Elder Stallings
Area: Tome´

valentines day was cool... my comp told me when we were eating lunch and i had completely forgotten haha. just so you know that i dont have much time to write a lot and i know mom i need to write more but its just hard sometimes! haha 

i want to wish dad a happy birthday on the february 17th. he is a spiritual stud and he knows that i love him!!! so happy birthday and i will see you soon!!:) 

this past week we were playing soccer on saturday and my companion is going to loose his toe nail haha it was pretty funny! 

carlos and diego, two of the people that have gotten baptized here in the ward both participated in the sacrament meeting. carlos blessed the sacrament and diego gave the closing prayer so that was pretty legit!!! it was an awesome to see how they are progressing!!

love you guys and have a great week!!

elder smoot

Monday, February 8, 2016

Wk 88 - el bautismo de diego

Companion: Elder Stallings
Area: Tome´
diego's baptism!
this past week we did a mini cambio (i forget what it is called in english) with some new missionaries. i was with an elder from bolivia for the day elder soliz and it was fun to be with him for the day. an elder very humble and willing.
so this past week has been amazing honestly. it was a miracle to see diego be baptized even though he had a lot of stuff going on in his life like his studies and work but he is a great guy honestly. he was a really good investigator because he was really good at reading. he is now preparing to receive the priesthood! he said that the morning of his baptism he had some doubts about if he should be baptized or not but in the end he did it anyway and he said these doubts left after he got baptized. it was a cool experience. at his baptism i felt the spirit very strongly.

one thing i have noticed as a missionary is when i feel the spirit i am the happiest. that is my strongest desire is to be able to be guided and comforted by the spirit at all times. by doing that i know i will be right where God wants me to be. It was a fantastic week and i know i just need to keep working hard! 

love you guys and i want to thank you for the support that you give me! I hope you all have a wonderful week and i will be seeing you all soon!!:)

elder smoot

Monday, February 1, 2016

Wk 87 - broca cochi

Companion: Elder Stallings
Area: Tome´

well this week has been sick. well this past week our investigator told us that he was going out of town and so we had to push his baptism for the next week and so diego will be baptized the next week. 

i am loving my new comp elder stallings. we get along pretty well. 

it is crazy how much snow you guys have over there in utah!! over here is pretty hot!! 

haha this past week we have found a few new people to teach but carolina is the only one that seems like she is really interested and diego is doing well. he just has some dumb doubts so we just explained how it all depends on the book of mormon. he is really good at reading it so that is a good thing. i know he will get a testimony of the book of mormon. 

so tanner told me that he wont be there when i get home and that is kind of a bummer but i know you gotta do what you gotta do. well i am glad you guys are doing good. it will be fun to come home with a baby horse!! haha

i am sorry i cant write a whole lot today because right now i am in tomé and i have to go to concepcion today so that is why i got on earlier today. 

but i love you guys and i am thankful for all you do. 

next week i will try and write more and i will be sending pics from the week!!!

elder smoot