Monday, November 16, 2015

Wk 76 - 16 de nov

Companion: Elder Andrade
Area: Penco

this week has been so fast!! today i had a bunch of things to do so i feel rushed! haha i had to take out my carnet(it is like an ID here). i had to renew it. 

i am doing really good. with all the investigators we are doing good. we are finding a lot but there are only 2 that looks like they are going to progress. jorge will be preparing to be baptized the 28th of nov so that will be exciting. as well we got a referral from an other sector because there was a person that has gone to there church like 3 times and wants to be baptized but she lives in our sector so we will end up teaching her. so thats pretty cool!

This past week on friday we went to talcahuano because my comp took an english test. i had to wait for him for like 4 hours while he took the test. i think i fell asleep some of the time..haha my comp had to take that test because he is going to study at byu so it requires him to take the test. it was a long time for me to do nothing... haha.

every week seems to be going by fast and i am loving life as a missionary even though it is crazy at times. this past week as well we did service and i had to use a huge hammer and smash some cemente. i was pretty sore in my hands and forearms after doing it but it was way fun!! it was a good work out!! haha it was a good week!! 

i love you guys and i know this is the true church WITHOUT DOUBT. i have felt that over and over again! have a wonderful week family!!

elder smoot 

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