Monday, November 9, 2015

Wk 75 - nov 9th

Companion: Elder Andrade
Area: Penco

a pic of my sector

service with pablo and luch with him as well 

well isnt time going so faaast!!! i dont really like it!! haha! thursday this past week i thought it was monday still... i dont even know why.. haha but this week was super awesome and i had such a good time!! 
where we cooked our lunch in a mud oven and the activity today
 i was running with some elders in the woods!!

the pool the guys showed us and the view we had

the tunnel with my 4th cousin.
elder anderson is a relative through abraham owen smoot and he is cool guy!

today we did a zone activity and it was so sick!! we went to a beach and played football and soccer and volleyball! i made a fire and cooked some sausage things and we hate it like a hot dog. it was way sick! we had to hike forever to get to the beach and back! we had to go through a tunnel that was way old and i could see jack squat! haha it was way fun! i love hiking!! when we got to the beach today there was some guy standing by a weird platform and told us to go over there and so we went over there and he just wanted to show us a sick pool and a hot tub by the beach. it was so sweet!!! 
well this past week jorge our investigator didnt go to church but we talked to him yesterday and it was because he had to leave at the last second to go to his aunts house but he will go for sure this next week. he is planning to be baptized the 28th of nov. now. He is a way cool kid and the young men in our ward are inviting him to activities and seminary and jorge goes at times!!

well i am doing super good. i love my comp and you guys as well!!! 

thanks for all your prayers because i definitely feel them!! have a wonderful week!!!

elder smoot

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