Monday, November 23, 2015

Wk 77 - happy anniversary mom and dad!

Companion: Elder Andrade
Area: Penco

i did think about that last week after i had got off of the computer i thought about you guys and i was mad that i didnt write you guys last week about your anniversary! i am thankful for you guys and you two are definitely the best parents with out doubt!! 

well this past week was pretty crazy so saturday night i was walking back to the house and i got a call from an assistant and he told me i am leaving my sector  monday and i am going to tomé! it is very beautiful over there!! this could be my last sector!! i am very excited!! i will be with elder anderson who is from utah or idaho i am not sure.. 

It is kinda sad too because i love being with elder andrade and this sector here in penco has been way fun!! pablo found out i was leaving and he started crying a bit but today i will eat lunch with him for the last time and the assistants will be picking me up to go to tomé. 

i did do a mini cambio this past week with a new missionary. one thing they do here in the mission is when the new misisonarys have their first conference they do a mini cambio with a zone leader so thats what happened! it was fun and i did it with an elder from peru his name is elder chivana. 

i love you guys and it was good to hear from you all like always.

tanner has a beard and a half!! haha 

elder smoot 
questions & answers:

*did you get your package? It said it was delivered:
sweet!! i didnt go to concepcion today but i called the other elders that live with us so they will be bringing it!! haha thats kinda mean because its probably heavy!! haha its all right!!

*do you do anything for Thanksgiving? 
no nothing

*does Chile celebrate the Christmas season? 
yes they do but it isnt as big as it is in the US but its weird because it is hot here so you cant fully have christmas spirit! haha

*you're getting transferred today?
i am still a zone leader just in another sector. i know its because they brought in a new assistant so i am replacing him where he was. they always do it a week earlier for someone that is a new assistant

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