Monday, July 27, 2015

Wk 60 - transfers

Companion: Elder Duarte
Area: Talchuano

so my comp is gone and is going to chillan and i am staying here in the sector and i am going to be training so i dont know who is my comp yet until tomorrow. but as well i have the chance to be district leader too. it will be a great transfer! a lot of thing to do but it will be great! 

we have found a ton of less actives that havent gone to church in a long time and we are finding some investigators too through those less actives. I will let you guys know next week who is my comp. 

Oh yeah i have some cool news for you guys. Remember my friend Darwin that is a member here? he is going to move to utah with is brother. Darwin is super cool and funny. He will be moving to utah hopefully in september. That will be pretty cool to see after the mission too. 

well i love you guys and I am sorry mom my letter this week isnt too long my mind is just blank! haha but just know i am good and happy and i love this work!!! 

elder smoot

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Wk 59 - Last week of transfers

Companion: Elder Duarte
Area: Talchuano

the past week was pretty good and i am glad that my comp and i can work normally. his foot seems to be doing better. it is pretty cold over here especially in the morning. i am sitting trying to type fast and it isnt working out too well. haha 

but anyway we received bad news from our investigator. i was kinda frustrated on what she said. i was sitting by a recent convert in church and a less active and so i told my comp to go sit by margarita and her family. all was going good and she told us this past week that she wont be able to be baptized this weekend because she recently started having some issues and so we are going to have to push her baptism to august. it was a bummer and i was so kinda frustrated a bit. but there is nothing you can do.

this is the last week of this transfer so we will see what happens next monday! i really dont have much to say but it has rained a lot this past week so i have been getting pretty wet!!

i love you all and i am glad you all had a good time in estes park!! have a great week!!

elder smoot

Monday, July 13, 2015

Wk 58 - Broken foot

Companion: Elder Duarte
Area: Talchuano

Power was out...

My comp has been struggling with a hurt foot. what happened was a couple weeks ago when we were watching a chile soccer game and we had to run home to get home on time and we have to run through a valley with rocks and stuff but my comp and his church shoes that are really thin on the bottom so he stepped on a rock and ever since then his foot has hurt him. so now we got to stay in the house so he can rest his foot. i did give him a blessing this past week as well. it isn't all that fun to stay in the house but i have been doing some sweet studying though. i have fell in love with reading the scriptures. i was studying the importance of forgiveness and reading the liahona of july and it honestly is sweet. oh by the way mom we get liahonas in english here just so you know. haha but those messages in there were awesome. my comp was laying in his bed for his foot and I was sitting on the couch thing crying because i was feeling the spirit so strong. it was awesome the whole time i was studying i just felt the spirit super strong. i love this gospel and i know it is important to read the book of mormon every day. i hope every single one of you are reading it every single day! it is the key to feed your spiritual side and stay strong in the gospel. 

today as well we went to a church that has a court inside the church. it is like the only church that has it here in chile but we went and played volleyball, soccer, basketball, and football as well!!! and we had a bbq and the activity was way sweet!!

I am grateful for you guys and it is pretty cool that you are in the estes park hanging out as the family!! i love every single one of you and have the best week there!!

love, elder smoot

(do you get cold?) this past week as well we had the power go out at our house, and that was when i got a little cold hahah

 (church attendance?) like this past week was 64 which was way low but it was raining and the members dont understand that you still got to go to church!!!

(flea bites!?)  no right now i dont have a huge problem. it is like spurts where i get bit one night and the next week i dont get touched it is weird but i bought a spray at lider to kill the fleas and it seems to help a bit

Monday, July 6, 2015

Wk 57 - Copa América

Companion: Elder Duarte
Area: Talchuano
and a selfie:)
ripped a hole in my pants
a little chilean firework! haha!

this week was way cool!! i dont know if you guys knew that on Saturday that chile won the championship of the american cup. it was crazy!! it was at 5 in the afternoon and we got to watch it all and it was insane!! chile won in the end against argentina and it was a sweet game! after the game we had to go straight to the house because the people went crazy!! there was some fireworks that people set off and people driving in their cars going crazy and honking their horn and it was just a lot of noise. it was pretty crazy all that happened. 

Just to give you an update with the investigators we got margarita who will be baptized on the 25th and possibly juan too. juan couldnt go to church this past week because he went out of town with his family. We will have to talk to him about his baptism this week. but margarita is way cool and her daughters are all baptized but she is not. she knows that the church is true and she has a strong testimony. 

one thing that stuck out to me yesterday in church was a member that stood up to bare his testimony and mentioned something like god doesnt take away our load that we have but only makes us stronger to be able to lift the load. it was way cool what he said and so i thought i would share it with you guys.

thanks for all you guys do for me. I want you guys to know that i love you all. have a great week!!!!:)

elder smoot