Monday, September 28, 2015

Wk 69 - Penco es lo mejor

Companion: Elder Rodriguez
Area: Penco

a pic i took this morning by the ocean
i put a wig on in a members house
i am loving my time in this sector. it seems like in this sector we have been having a hard time to find people that are ready to progress but thats all right. we found a guy that was pretty good. he would ask us when are we going by his house and when we taught him we found out that he wasnt married so that ruined the whole thing so now today we got to teach about marriage and we will see if he is willing to get married.

but i am still enjoying my time with elder rodriguez. he has a buena honda! there hasnt be any earthquakes this week so thats a bummer!!!;) haha just messing.

ONe thing that i am so grateful for is here on the mission and i have began to understand the scriptures a lot better and found a love for reading the scriptures. i feel like the scriptures are the only books i like to read. well and books of the church in general! haha 

this past week we did an activity with the zone. the city penco did an event for bible day which was this past week and we participated in that as a church and we had books of mormons on a table and videos going on and we talked to a bunch of people as a whole zone about our religion and it was way fun. i will send a few pics of that event.

well now that i have written 3 paragraphs (only for you mom) i just want you guys to know i love you and i am so very happy here! have a wonderful week!! 

elder smoot

ps i am pumped for general conference!!! and tell tayton to keep knocking people on their back in football!!!

the group pic of the activity
missionaries singing in the plaza
talking to people in the plaza
a big proclamation to the world
our gift for participating
* questions/answers:

*can you stand up in your house? 
at some parts no. i have to duck to get in the house.

*do you get to watch all the sessions of conference at the church? 
 we watch it all in that same day. its from 1 to 3 and then 5 to 7 and then 9 to 11. we have permission to be out late that day

Monday, September 21, 2015

Wk 68 - dieciocho

Companion: Elder Rodriguez
Area: Penco

all the missionarys that i live with:
fraga from mexico, whitman from idaho
this past week was the indepedence of chile. it was the 4th of july for them. we had a good time with the ward but nobody wanted to talk to us those days. that was the hard part!

yesterday when we had finished the day and we were walking home there was a guy that is probably 27 years old or something like that yelled at me and told me hey you!! you never went to my house. it turned out that i set an appointment with a guy and we did go to his house that day and we knocked on his door but no one answered so we thought they weren't there. anyway this guy asked us and said  hey when are you guys going to go to my house? we set an appointment for tomorrow and so we will see what happens. but i got a good feeling about him! he is way cool!! he has a little family too.

every day my comp and i run on the beach right by the ocean which is pretty nice!! it is starting to get hotter and hotter every day so thats a good thing as well!!! 

i hope you guys have an awesome week!!!

elder smoot

*about the earthquakes/tsunami warnings: 

no nothing happened. the mission president texted us and asked how we are and if the zone was safe and we called everyone and they were all good!!
the water almost left the beach but that about it

(I did find out Jade lives about 3 blocks from the ocean- but it is about 100 feet up a hill)
pics of the house

my comp loves grafiti

Thursday, September 17, 2015

im ok:)

(Update on Earthquake/Tsunami)

i dont know if you guys heard that there was a big earthquake in santiago and there was a little one too over here but it was a worry for some because they said that there could be a huge tsunami as well that would come down our way and yes i do live close to the ocean but nothing happened too bad here. the ocean level came up a little bit and thats about all. 

I will give you more details Monday but thats all that happened but everything is all right!
they told us to send a little note home to let you know we are good!

 see you later mom and dad!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Massive 8.3 magnitude earthquake 400 miles north of Elder Jade Smoot

The following was posted on the Chile Concepcion mission blog minutes ago. (Mission Blog)


There are many who have heard of the earthquake in Chile. It happened 400 miles north of Concepcion. Sorry here but there was no earthquake damage. There are some sectors that are under Tsunami alert but all these sectors are our members and insurance. All our missionaries are fine. When we have more information we will notify. Thanks for your prayers. 

Thanks to all for your concern for our missionaries. We are all safe! About The epicenter was 400 miles north of us. Because of the tsunami alert a few of our missionaries live in coastal towns WHO Have Been evacuated and are staying with members. Thanks for your prayers.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Wk 67 - Italiano

Companion: Elder Rodriguez
Area: Penco
just so you know i am enjoying my new comp!! he is way cool! he's got good vibes. i am loving my new sector. i am kinda getting eating alive by fleas but hey its part of the experience! i don't really have a problem when i am in our house but its when we go to other peoples houses and that when they get me. when i get home at night i have a lot of bites!! i am kinda getting scared a little bit! 

my comp is finishing his mission in 5 weeks so that is something that is crazy!

there is a member here that is 56 years old that always leaves with us. he looks like he is 60 years old but he is so funny! his name is pablo but we call him pablito! he is super cool. i will be sure to send you a pic of him! the missionaries are his life pretty much! he only has been a member for 3 years as well. its pretty cool to see the man be so dedicated. 

there is a store in the sector that sales completos which are hots dogs with a ton of things on it and we bought like foot long completos there. it was pretty cool. i enjoyed that a lot!! 

i am doing really good and i am so very happy so you don't got to worry mom!! 

you got to explain to me a little about tanner and he might move where?

elder smoot

New Zone Leaders
Leadership training activity

Monday, September 7, 2015

Wk 66 - transfers

Companion: Elder Regis
Area: Talchuano
elder gonzalez finished his mission today!

this is a pic of my district i was in
fotos de la zona

well transfers are here and i am going to another zone called penco. I am way excited!! i will be leaving to be with elder rodriguez who is from italy!! pretty cool huh? i have the privilege as well to be a zone leader with elder rodriguez. I am pretty excited!! it will be a lot of fun. 

I honestly have never been happier in my life here!! 

in centinela where i am at right now there will be a baptism next week with matias! i wont be there to see it but it is cool anyways!! 

I heard that the new sector is even more hills and right by the ocean as well!! 

its good to see all you guys growing up!! thats kind of a bummer princess fell down! i will be wanting to go on a horse ride too when i get back!! 

it has been good to be with elder regis and i have enjoyed my time with him! 

i know i dont have much to write because my mind is seriously blank but i love you guys and i hope you all have a great week and i will be sending some pics!!!

elder smoot

Pictures from last week:
fotos bautismo