Monday, March 30, 2015

Wk 43 - the branch centinela

Companion: Elder Copling
Area: Talcahuano

selfie and i got caught in the back ground

this week has been awesome! i am in the branch centinela and it is right by the ocean so it is sweet! i love this sector. the part that sucks is that it is a bunch of hills! haha walking all day is kinda fun at times. i did get my new comp and his name is elder copling and he is from herriman utah and he is way chill. we will have a good time together! he has about 17 months in his mission! from what i have seen i love this sector. we do run into so many drunk people and people that are on some crazy drugs! haha its funny!
2 nights ago my comp was contacting a guy and he was crazy high or something and this guy started hugging my comp and my comp went with it because it was pretty funny and he kissed my comp on the cheek and we told him we had to go because our mom was waiting for us and he was like yeah whatever! haha it was so funny. we have stuff happening like that a lot so it has gotten to be kinda normal now. i can tell this transfer will be sweet!
this week we had 2 investigators that went to the church with a date for baptism. we found carlos this past week and he is a young man about 22 years old and he is going to be baptized the 18th in april and we have a old lady that is going to be baptized 11th in april so its pretty cool! you see the progress here so its pretty cool.

i am happy to be here and i know this is where i need to be. i just got to do what mom tells me a lot which is keep being strong. 

i hope you guys have a flippen awesome week and a happy b day shout out to chelsea and love you guys. 

oh yeah and i like your wedding dress jenna!!

have a good week:)

elder smoot


*tell us about your new comp?:
elder copling and he is from herriman utah and he has like 17 months in the mission and he is sweet!! He is the funniest kid!! 

*how about your new area?:
it is kinda of ghetto a bit but we have a branch and we have a nice view of the ocean so its cool and it is so much colder over here i love it!! and yes we get food everyday still

*what's your house like? do you live with other elders?:
the house is sweet i will take pics for next week but all the elders in our house are from utah it is pretty funny! yes we have 4 elders in our house

*do you get to watch and show others the new video #Because He Lives?:
yes we got it in spanish to share with a lot of people and we have cards we give to people to invite them to watch it too

*are you staying healthy?:
yes mom i do over 100 pushups and sit ups everyday and i eat eggs in the morning and yeah i feel pretty good!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Wk 42 - Transfer Week

Companion: Elder Ronco
Area: Chillan

all the missionarys got called to sing for the talent show in our ward

oh yeah i have gotten good at the ukelele too! yeah that is what i bought and my comp taught me cords and stuff
and i have learned some primary songs on it. pretty cool huh?
we had a asado or bbq at our house and it was sweet!!

some members

Yes so i got transfered to a place called Talchuano and it is really close to the beach so i will be over there for the winter and i am way excited!! i have another comp and i think he is from utah as well so i am excited! I got to pack all up and go back to concepcion and it is closer to the the office so i will go to the office every week on p day like i used to.

I did get a letter from some converts in andalien and it was way good to here from them! 
I honestly can't be more excited! thats cool about the baseball team! i know they will have a great season. 

About the area where i am leaving it is pretty funny. there is an old lady that just smokes a ton and trys to speak english that always walks up to us and trys to talk to us and it is so funny. there is also another old guy that i guess has a mental sickness and the thing is that he likes to eat human flesh or something like that because everytime we walk by in the night or during the day he is standing outside his house and he will point at us and point to his mouth and he does pretty intensly and at first it was scary but it ended up being kind of funny after a while. those are some of the crazy people in this sector! haha i am going to miss some members here but definitely was a good time here.
I know that this gospel is true and i wouldnt want to be anywhere else. I know this is the best place that i can be. i have come to a point where i love teaching and finding ways to teach in simple ways. 

Every time i study or teach a lesson i realize how great this gospel is and how great this plan is that God has for us. 

I love you guys and i will be sending pics in a bit. have a wonderful week!!

elder smoot

oh by the way i forget to tell you that this past week i taught a lesson in english and it was hard to do it but i had to say the everything in spanish then in english. but this guy we found said hey you can teach me if you teach me in english and so we did but we had to say stuff in spanish too because we had a member with us! haha thought you would like to know that.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Wk 41 - i love you guys!

Companion: Elder Ronco
Area: Chillan

Sorry it took me so long to start writing. i was trying to send a video! 

it sounds like everything is going good with you guys. I just got to give a shout out to my sis jenna because its her birthday!!:) oh and because she is flippen engaged too! that is so crazy! well i am happy for jenna and matt that is awesome!!

i was trying to send a video but it didnt work so i will tell you what we did in the video. we were doing service for a member and well we got distracted and my comp started pitching fruit to me and i had a stick and i would hit the fruit and one time my comp grabbed a lemon and it was quite ripe so he threw it and i hit the fruit pretty hard and it ended up hitting my comp straight in the chest! haha it was a pretty funny moment as he dropped to the ground. 

Well now about the investigators. it is kinda frustrating right now because the people that want to get married they ended up having a fight with each other and so they didnt go to church. i was kinda frustrated but i shouldnt have been. i know one day they will get married but it will take a little work. we have found some other people that have some good potential so thats good. 

this week my comp and i we are going to focus and finding people because we just want to find some good people to teach. i am learning a lot from my companion and it is sweet. we are getting along pretty well so i dont want transfers to happen but we have one more week left in this transfer so we will see what happens. 

i love you guys and it makes me so happy to see you guys having a good time!! 

elder smoot

responses from Jade: 

*thats sweet to here that they (baseball team)played good. i am not going to lie it is definitely hard to hear about baseball. i do miss it a ton. if it so happens to work out after the mission i would love to play again. but thanks for the letter. you dont have questions this week?

*tell tristons grandpa hi too! miss all those boys. payton wrote me this past week and keaton still writes me and a few others too. they all sound like they are doing good!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Wk 40 - Hi fam:)

Companion: Elder Ronco
Area: Chillan

well i had a cool day today! we went to this waterful and we have a hot dog stuff. it was pretty cool!!! i love being here. obviously there are challenges everyday and i know some days are just hard but i know where i am supposed to be.

i am sorry my letter wont be as long as you wanted i will be honest i got caught up in reading the letters!!! but i want you guys to know that i love you and this week was good.
mini transfer with my district leader elder macarthur from wyoming
elder sanchez and elder turley from arizona
I heard riley court got his call!! thats so sweet!!! (Antofagasta)i have learned that pretty much all of chile is mostly the same so tell him it will rain here in the winter!! haha thats so cool i am proud of that kid!!

with the investigators they are progressing but slowly! it seems that satan finds a distraction each time they want to go to church!! its all right i know it will all be good!!!

i will send some pics of the week!!!!
My Zone!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Wk 39 - I am so grateful to be here in the mission and i am lovin life.

Companion: Elder Ranco
Area: Chillan
interviews with President

I am sorry to hear about Sarah Hicken. I will definitely be praying for her and her family. I hope that Coach Hicken is doing well!! Its so weird to be hearing about baseball and everything starting up! i cant believe it is already baseball season. 

hey i saw tanner take a pic with my oakleys! you got to take care of those oaks for me!! please:) 

Well this week was pretty good and everything is starting to fall into place with the people that are going to get married. they are going to get a date to get married and i am so happy for them. they do have some problems with the word of wisdom but it isnt anything that they cant overcome. I am so grateful to be here in the mission and i am lovin life.

This week i wasnt sick so that was good!!:) haha! i just cant believe how fast time goes and everything! I will always have peace and happiness in my life as long as i know my family is happy and living the gospel. 

Something we really focus here on the mission is visiting the members. not to just waste time obviously but to really verify with them their reading and prayers and family home evenings. We help them to continue to do these things. i have a personal testimony on how these 3 things can help the relationship with god and can build the family. Well now that i am saying this i got to ask forgiveness for all the times Dad has tried to do a family home evening and i am trying to leave to hang out with friends.
I just cant believe how true this gospel is and every time i study and pray and have a lesson i remind myself everytime how true this gospel is and really it is the secret to finding true happiness in this life. 

I love you all and i am grateful for you all you guys. not only just my family but for all. i love you all so much and my prayer is for the people that dont know the gospel will have the chance to know the gospel.

have a wonderful week!!!:)

Elder Smoot