Monday, October 26, 2015

Wk 73 - servicio

Companion: Elder Andrade
Area: Penco

My new comp- Elder Andrade
well things are going super good here! My comp and i have put together some goals to work better with the members and i am really excited about this transfer. i know we will find success. my new comp is way cool and tiene una buena onda. he is legit as well. thats got to be a bonus being a zone leader is that all my comps are way good missionaries. and he is from mexico city and he is a very christlike person and finishes his mission in 11 weeks.

this past week we did some service at pablos house which was fun. we ate lunch with him like 3 times this past week! pablo is the guy that leaves with us a lot to work. he as well went to the temple for the first time this past week!! 

i will be sending some pics form the service and last week when i told you about the story from my first sector i actually ran into that family last week!! i will send a picture of them! they now have been members for more than a year!! its pretty crazy!!! 
lorena, ignacio, and diego
i did get the package and the missionaries in my house are happy about it too!! thanks mom for all you do and i want you to know i love you!!!!:)

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