Monday, December 29, 2014

Wk 30 - Happy New Year Already?

Companion: Elder Gonzales
Area: Chillan

Elder Hancock,
elder garder who came with me to the mission from arizona
 elder catron from argentina
 elder herrera from washington
 elder gonzalez from chile
 elder mcarthur from my high school
 christmas morning

Elder Hancock

i would be lieing to say the time isn't going fast. this week has gone by so fast and we had transfers today and i am still with the same comp for another transfer. it was weird to see all the missionaries that finished their missions yesterday. it was kinda hard to see elder hancock and other missionarys leave but i sure am grateful for them. i will see hancock next week with his parents as well in church.

on christmas we played games like soccer in the church with 2 other zones from chillan. i am not going to lie i kinda miss using my hands in sports. haha all the latins want to play soccer and thats it! haha its all good i enjoy  it as well!! 

this christmas was a little different this year! obviously because i am not in my house and all but as well because i focused a little more on christ. in the streets we talked about how He is the gift in our lives. how we can obtain the happiness in our lives and the peace in our lives through him. personally i really did enjoy christmas this year. i did miss the snow and it was weird because christmas day was so hot but i had a wonderful christmas. i would have never thought i would enjoy christmas being away from my family but i definitely did. i love you guys a ton!

no we dont do anything for new years we just walk in the streets and teach lesson like normal i am pretty sure! well i love you guys a ton. and it was way nice to speak some spanish with austin!! haha i am going to send some pics of some of the elders that finished their missions.

elder smoot

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