Monday, December 22, 2014

Wk 29 - Merry Christmas!!

Companion: Elder Gonzalez
Area: Chillan
took this pic this morning before we left the house!
elder jensen and elder sanchez from argentina

well first of all it does not feel like christmas at all! haha yes there are a lot of decorations up and all but its like hot outside so its weird! thats really strange it has been raining in Utah!!

but this week it went by really fast! i cant even remember what i did! all i know is people there are so many things to do in the mission it is crazy! i am excited to talk to you guys this week! that will be crazy!! 

the family of elsa is awesome! elsa lives with her grand daughter and her family but elsa was baptized recently and she has a really strong testimony! it is so cool to see!!

i loved seeing those pictures of the temple! looks like you guys are having a good time!!!

when ever i see my family is happy it brings me a ton a joy.

today i am going to have a carne asado (bbq) with elder hancock and elder pavon becaue they finish their missions in like 1 week! it is so crazy to see how time flies here!! i am sure going to miss seeing elder hancock around!

tomorrow something is going to happen that is pretty cool! the whole mission is coming the chillan which is our church. our church is like the center of the mission and we are going to have all the mission in one church so that will be crazy!! that is going to happen tomorrow!

one thing that is cool i just kept forgetting to tell you this that there is a member in our ward that got back from her mission like 2 months ago and she came from santiago! (Arzola is her name) she showed me a pic with all the missionaries in her mission and i saw a familiar face! i saw nick spinder and she knew who he was and everything! she said he was really quiet and i said yep thats him!! haha it was a cool connection!

i hope you guys have a wonderful week! i love you all so much!!

Elder Smoot

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