Monday, December 8, 2014

Wk 27 - Christmas is hot this year!!

Companion: Elder Gonzalez
Area: Chillan

from the Christmas package
(had to take some out because it got wet!)
From the mission blog during interviews last week (Concepcion Mission Blog)

The week was quick! every week goes by way fast so i will start will last monday. i went back to concepcion to get my ID card for chile and it is about a an hour and a half from chillan to there and i stood up the whole time! haha it was pretty awful but oh well!! i got to the office and i found my package and i was happy to see my christmas package!!:) it was a pain to carry it all the way back to chillan! haha it was so heavy! we walked so far that day and i was carrying it all day! 

So this week we will have another baptism of Elsa. She is a little cute grandma and she is awesome! her family were all less actives and now the whole family is going to church again and they are awesome! they got 4 kids that are all little! the dad is preparing to recieve the mel. priesthood and he is going to baptize his oldest son that just turned 8. it is awesome to peoples testimonies grow! 

we had a miracle that happened this week and it was when i went with another elder to teach this less active and we got there and she had her sister over from another area. so we taught the restoration and it was a really good lesson! i think it was one of the best lessons i have taught about the restoration. at the end of the lesson the sister of the less active told us yes i know everything you guys said is true. so we wrote down her address and we gave it to the sisters who work over there. so they will continue to teach her!

it is wonderful down here. my sector is huge so we walk a ton and in this area we have members wash our clothes for us so thats nice!!

i will talk to you guys about the skype thing when i know! i will try to figure that out this week! i hope you guys are good!! have a wonderful week!!

Elder Smoot

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