Monday, December 15, 2014

Wk 28 - Elsa´s Baptism!!

Companion: Elder Gonzalez
Area: Chillan
Elsa's Baptism!

Well as you can see all went well with the baptism of Elsa! We had a wondeful experience and i loved it a ton!

for this christmas we were thinking about writing at 3 on christmas day if that would work for you guys? it would be like 11 there i think!

its so crazy how fast time goes here! i cant believe it is half way through december! i cant believe it hasnt snowed there yet! the family of elsa has little kids and so i think i am going to give them that little tie! this family is so cool! they were inactive and are now returning to the church and are saving money for the temple in april!! it is great to see the sacrifices people make!

We found a family of 2 that are pretty golden investigators. it is a mom and her son! the son is called mateas. which is matthew! and the mom is aurora! we did find them using the 'he is the gift!'

it is awesome here! it is just weird to see all the christmas stuff but it is pretty hot outside!! i do love this work! I will see if i can get the skype thing working for you guys by the way! 

I just want you guys to know that over this time on the mission the gospel has become the most important thing to me!! yes i do miss you guys a ton! 

i hope all is well with you guys and one experience that i had at the baptism was awesome. after her baptism people were sharing their testimonies and elsa began to cry and this old lady felt the spirit so strongly and it was a moment when i felt so much joy.

i hope you guys can strengthen your testimonies every day!! 

Elder Smoot

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