Monday, December 1, 2014

Wk 26 - Baptism!!

Companion: Elder Gonzalez
Area: Chillan
the baptism of Miguel
 Walmart (Lider in Chile)

So this week we had a baptism and it was wonderful. My companion and I are seeing miracles from obedience and it is just awesome. A little bit more about Miguel is he was a Evangelico before and last week he was supposed to be baptized but his daughter was telling him stuff that wasn't true about our church and about Joseph Smith and so he backed out last week. So my comp and I we explained everything again about the restoration and we got him to get a testimony for himself. as you can see he was baptized and is probably one of the happiest people i have every met. it was just a good experience seeing people receive the blessings of the Lord. 

We have been working with a lot of people  but they arent progressing because they dont go to church. and we have Elsa who is going to be baptized on the 13th of december so we are excited for that. 

My new area is huge!! we walk a lot more and there is more field and open area.

Time goes pretty fast but the days are always so long. by the time i get in my bed i am out and then the next day starts like 2 seconds later it feels like

I have one funny story from this week. so we got into this house and this is an old man and his name is Leon(it means lion in english) and we found out he did not like those gringos(white people). as we told him our names he kept saying he couldnt understand me and in reality he wasnt listening to me. he asked me why all the northern americans have names like Smith!? i was like my name is Smoot! haha he thought that i was just a relative of Joseph Smith and thats why i wanted to share this message with him. anyway we found out he just had something wrong with (against) those whites kids! haha

well this week we had a annoucement about how we are sharing and helping people focus on jesus christ this christmas. i am sure dad has heard of it and helped with it i am not sure but the new video about christmas. it is called, he is the gift. It is a way cool video and we have cards to give to people about focusing on jesus christ. it is pretty cool how the church is doing this and sharing the importance of christmas with everyone!

well i hope you all have a wonderful week and by the way i completely forgot it was thanksgiving! 

Elder Smoot


*tell me about your new comPanion!
from columbia and i like him because we are both exactly obedient because sadly there are missionaries that arent

*what was your best day this week? And why? 
i think it was the baptism because it was the day you see work pay off

*did you get your Christmas package yet? 
i have the package in my hands right now. no worries.:)

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