Monday, November 24, 2014

Wk 25 - Libertador (name of the ward i am in)

Companion: Elder Gonzalez
Area: Chillan
a member came to say good bye
Elder Pavon and I leaving from Andalein
well i got to say it is nice to have a different view of things and to be in another area! this week was pretty dang good! this past week we had 4 people commtited to baptism! 
but the part that was bad is only 2 came to church. Miguel is going to be baptized this saturday and Elsa is going to be baptized the 13th of December so that's cool! we are going to keep working with the other 2 to come to church! i am learning a lot from my companion right now and i am enjoying teaching right now.
Well now it is time for the story i have! this week nothing crazy really happened but we talked to this guy who did not like gringos(people from united states). he was just going on and on how he didn't like them and he was a little drunk and all i said is well i like chile. it was pretty funny though and it was just an old guy who doesn't like gringos and blames the USA for everything haha. 

something new is we have 1 hour on the computer which is less time and 40 mins to skype on christmas just so you guys know!
i want you guys to know that all is good and i love being here. i live with 2 latinos and 1 other american. elder jensen, elder sanchez, and my comp is elder gonzalez. i will send some photos of elder pavon and i when we left the house in Andalien and a member that came to say bye. 

love you mom and family! i hope you all have a wonderful week. i will take more pictures next week of my sector. i took a video of my house but this computer doesn't have the program to translate the video so i can't send it. i will take pics of the house! 

love you guys

Elder Smoot

*tell us about your new area!:
well it is a lot bigger so i walk a ton! as well it is a lot hotter here than other areas so it is nice. i love the heat right now! i sweat a lot but it is only going to get hotter! 
yeah i will take more pics next week. this area is a lot safer so i just didnt take much pics because i was getting use to everything

- the travel to your new area:
i rode a bus that was nice and big with some other elders

-your new companion
elder gonzalez is way legit. we get along real good and he knows a ton of english. he is from columbia but knows a ton of english. we most talk in spanish though

-the ward?:
it is a ward ( barrio in spanish) and the members are nice but they just dont have a desire to work with us much so that kind of sucks

*do you do anything for Thanksgiving!?:
no we walk around and talk for thanksgiving and teach lessons

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