Monday, August 31, 2015

Wk 65 - baptism week!!

Companion: Elder Regis
Area: Talchuano

So this past week yes it finally happened!! the 3 kids got baptized! it was a sweet experience and i love the sweet spirit there. I had a good experience with the branch president that was directing the baptismal service. As we watched the video and we were waiting for some people to change the president of the branch looked a little stressed and worried. there has been some troubles in the branch but i felt like i should go up and thank him for what he is doing. I got up and went to the stand and thanked him and asked him if he needed help with anything. i saw as i talked to him his attitude changed and he asked me to give him a blessing the following day. I gave him that blessing and it was a blessing that i am not quite sure what i said but i felt the spirit really strong. It was a good experience that i was able to have this past week. I sure do love this sector and who knows maybe i have a little time left in this sector who knows but i am thankful for the time i have had in this sector. 

My companion as well was able to have his first baptism in his mission so that was a cool experience that he had as he baptized his first person in his life.

thanks for writing me every week. i guess i can say i take advantage of that privilege i have to have a family that writes their missionary every week. I just know some elders that their family doesnt write them every week! 

but just know i love you guys and have a wonderful week.

elder smoot

elder watts who plays football at air force
and he is a good friend of mine who has the same time in the mission as me.
he is in my district.

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