Monday, August 10, 2015

Wk 62 - puro ponerle

Companion: Elder Regis
Area: Talchuano
chillin with some ponys

this past week was sick. it rained on wednesday alot and on saturday. the winter is starting to end and the sun has finally come out a few days so i guess thats a good sign. On saturday it rained the whole day and i got super wet because it went through my jacket and sunday after church i started to feel really bad. today i still feel kinda bad but its all good!! i think i just got a fever. i have the chills at times and heat flashes. i am just gonna go home and sleep it off. that is what the mission nurse told me. we had a zone activity today. some kids played soccer but i just played ping pong in the church because i dont feel too good. 

this past week we had a conference from all the missions that are close to concepcion and sister briggs was there so we got a pic! it still is weird to see people you knew before your mission in your mission. 

i talked to a sister missionary today that knows mark sheffield. i feel really close to him but i still havent seen him!! maybe one day!! 

I really am doing good i just need to feel better real soon! haha love you guys and i will see you all soon!!;)

elder smoot

*when does it start getting warmer for you? this month it will start getting warmer and it did this past week!

*what do you teach every week in district meeting? 
 i choose the topic and i just see what was the weak part of the week and prepare a class

*how many elders are in your district? how bout your zone?
there is my comp and i and 6 others. 2 sisters there. there are 10 in the other district and our zone leaders so like 20 in the zone

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