Monday, August 17, 2015

Wk 63 - Pasándola bien:)

Companion: Elder Regis
Area: Talchuano
sorry this is the only new pic i got this week
i am feeling better now so no worries!!;) it was a thing that lasted a few days but now i am good!! 

i am loving it here. It is just so awesome to see elder regis start his mission and see the changes he is making. Last night we had a funny experience here. As i am sure you know mom there are a TON of dogs here that are wild and some dogs just bark at you look like they want to kill you. my comp and i were walking home last night and it was dark and there was a black dog that started coming at us but i just take my back pack off and it just stays there but my comp just took off running and it was so funny! i could see how scared he was and i just couldnt help but laugh. he kinda broke down a little saying stuff like i am so sick of dogs!!! and some other things but i just couldnt help but laugh. it is just some things that you will go through as you start your mission. but i am enjoying my time with elder regis. 

another time we were walking we have to walk through valleys to get to parts of our sector so in this part of this valley there are dogs that just dont like missionaries or i dont know what it is but it gives me a chance to practice my aim throwing rocks to keep them away. its just like every time we go by that place my comp gets behind me and i pick up a rock and this time we were walking and a dog that had bitten a missionary before started coming up on us and i chucked this rock and drilled it right in the face and the dog ran away crying. it was a sick! i thought to myself (strike!!!) haha 

reading the letter matt wrote me made me remind myself about some things my comps have said to me. i have had some comps tell me that when i sleep i say things in spanish and its pretty funny! one time my comp told me i was like teaching a lesson and another time i just said bacanpo. which is like cool with po at the end. i have found myself like forgetting some words that you dont use all the time in english. It is kinda weird at times but i will get it back no worries!! 

i love you all and be sure you guys are reading those scriptures every day because they are so cool!!! seriously! 

have an awesome week!!!!!!!!!!!

elder smoot

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