Monday, August 3, 2015

Wk 61 - LOvin la vida de la misión

Companion: Elder Regis
Area: Talchuano

Elder Smoot and Elder Regis

 Talchuano Norte Zone with Pres. and Sis. Arrington right before transfers.

So as you guys know i got my new comp elder regis from bountiful utah. he is way chill. this past week just went super fast to be honest! it has been way cool. 

so monday last week a story happened that was so funny!! so when my old comp he was saying bye to some members and one of our zone leader finished his mission last week so the other zone leader was with us. elder gonzalez was with us and so we were in a trio and we went to a house and the while we were saying bye she gave a meat and elder gonzalez ate it and started choking like it was stuck in his throat. i was freaking out and i hit him in the back and the meat came flying out and stuck and the side of the table cloth. i didnt know whether to laugh or like check him if he was all right. it was crazy like he was like almost dieing it was crazy. he like turned to me and i just smacked in the back and that made him cough it up! it was an experience that you see in the movies a lot but i actually lived it! haha you guys will get to know elder gonzalez i think one day! you will think back on this story too!! haha

so with one of our investigator alejandro, he went to church this past week and has baptism date for the 22nd of agosto. which is pretty cool! as well there is a lady that has been coming to the church for a long time and i thought she was a less active but it turns out she is an investigator and i didnt even know who she was. she wants her 2 kids to be baptized so my comp and i are going over there to talk about that today. she cant be baptized because she isnt married and is living with the father of this kids. so hopefully we can help her understand what she can do to be able to be baptized too. so we have some good people that have good desires to follow christ. 

this past week was way sweet and i am excited for this transfer.

elder smoot

*did you see Caitlin Briggs? (a friend from high school that arrived in Concepcion this week)

yes i thought she was gonna hug me at first!! haha it scared me and she said JAADE! i was like yeah my name is elder smoot! haha it was pretty funny she is pretty cool!

*hows being a trainer plus district leader?

it was a little stressful the first week because he doesnt understand spanish yet so i had to translate some things at times but it was kinda fun too. i have to teach a class for an hour too every week as a district leader.

* tell us all about your new companion! 

His name is Thomas Regis and he is from bountiful utah and he is like 6 4 and a half and he graduated in 2014 too his birthday is in May like mine!

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