Monday, March 2, 2015

Wk 39 - I am so grateful to be here in the mission and i am lovin life.

Companion: Elder Ranco
Area: Chillan
interviews with President

I am sorry to hear about Sarah Hicken. I will definitely be praying for her and her family. I hope that Coach Hicken is doing well!! Its so weird to be hearing about baseball and everything starting up! i cant believe it is already baseball season. 

hey i saw tanner take a pic with my oakleys! you got to take care of those oaks for me!! please:) 

Well this week was pretty good and everything is starting to fall into place with the people that are going to get married. they are going to get a date to get married and i am so happy for them. they do have some problems with the word of wisdom but it isnt anything that they cant overcome. I am so grateful to be here in the mission and i am lovin life.

This week i wasnt sick so that was good!!:) haha! i just cant believe how fast time goes and everything! I will always have peace and happiness in my life as long as i know my family is happy and living the gospel. 

Something we really focus here on the mission is visiting the members. not to just waste time obviously but to really verify with them their reading and prayers and family home evenings. We help them to continue to do these things. i have a personal testimony on how these 3 things can help the relationship with god and can build the family. Well now that i am saying this i got to ask forgiveness for all the times Dad has tried to do a family home evening and i am trying to leave to hang out with friends.
I just cant believe how true this gospel is and every time i study and pray and have a lesson i remind myself everytime how true this gospel is and really it is the secret to finding true happiness in this life. 

I love you all and i am grateful for you all you guys. not only just my family but for all. i love you all so much and my prayer is for the people that dont know the gospel will have the chance to know the gospel.

have a wonderful week!!!:)

Elder Smoot

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