Monday, February 23, 2015

Wk 38 - This week was really good

Companion: Elder Ronco
Area: Chillan
A little field we walk through a lot
some cool stuff in the sector where i am working.
its like the town square in chillan viejo

Like all the weeks this they go by pretty fast!!! so to tell you a little more about my comp. first off he is 23 years old so he is almost as old as tanner which is weird but he is a way cool guy. he works hard and has like a laid back atittude and i like it. he is really smart to with all the lessons and i have learned a lot. spanish and english are his first 2 languages. he learned both of them at the same time so he is fluent in both. like in his house he speaks spanish but with all his friends he speaks english. he actually goes to a spanish ward in california but he doesnt have an accent or anything because he was born in US

i did get really sick on friday. i think i got some sort of 24 hr stomach flu or something because i got really sick. we were in a conference at the church with a bunch of missionarys so the mission nurse was there too she said take this pill and sleep. haha so i did that and well i felt better so i guess we're good. 

well about the investigatores that we have we are still working with this family to help them get married. they have all the desires to get baptized and everything but they just need to get married. everytime we get close something pops up and for what ever reason they dont do it. obviously satan is working hard with these guys so we just got to help them out a little bit more. looks like it is going to work out to marry them this next month so i am excited for that. i am going to do everthing possible so francisco and carol get married. haha they did come to the church this past week so that was sweet and loved it too. they are reading the book of mormon too. they are some awesome people.

one cool story with the book of mormon that francisco told us is that he reads it a lot firstly, and ever time that he feels stress or upset or something thats not letting him feel peace he reads the book of mormon and every time he feels better. when he told us that i was so happy that he was gaining a testimony of the book of mormon. they always tell us like hey you got to give us another chapter to read in the book of mormon!! haha its pretty sweet. i have seen my personal testimony grow a ton about this book and it has brought me a ton of joy. 

well i love you guys and hope that you guys can continue strong in this gospel. i know you guys will!! i love you all!!! see ya soon;)

elder smoot

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