Monday, March 30, 2015

Wk 43 - the branch centinela

Companion: Elder Copling
Area: Talcahuano

selfie and i got caught in the back ground

this week has been awesome! i am in the branch centinela and it is right by the ocean so it is sweet! i love this sector. the part that sucks is that it is a bunch of hills! haha walking all day is kinda fun at times. i did get my new comp and his name is elder copling and he is from herriman utah and he is way chill. we will have a good time together! he has about 17 months in his mission! from what i have seen i love this sector. we do run into so many drunk people and people that are on some crazy drugs! haha its funny!
2 nights ago my comp was contacting a guy and he was crazy high or something and this guy started hugging my comp and my comp went with it because it was pretty funny and he kissed my comp on the cheek and we told him we had to go because our mom was waiting for us and he was like yeah whatever! haha it was so funny. we have stuff happening like that a lot so it has gotten to be kinda normal now. i can tell this transfer will be sweet!
this week we had 2 investigators that went to the church with a date for baptism. we found carlos this past week and he is a young man about 22 years old and he is going to be baptized the 18th in april and we have a old lady that is going to be baptized 11th in april so its pretty cool! you see the progress here so its pretty cool.

i am happy to be here and i know this is where i need to be. i just got to do what mom tells me a lot which is keep being strong. 

i hope you guys have a flippen awesome week and a happy b day shout out to chelsea and love you guys. 

oh yeah and i like your wedding dress jenna!!

have a good week:)

elder smoot


*tell us about your new comp?:
elder copling and he is from herriman utah and he has like 17 months in the mission and he is sweet!! He is the funniest kid!! 

*how about your new area?:
it is kinda of ghetto a bit but we have a branch and we have a nice view of the ocean so its cool and it is so much colder over here i love it!! and yes we get food everyday still

*what's your house like? do you live with other elders?:
the house is sweet i will take pics for next week but all the elders in our house are from utah it is pretty funny! yes we have 4 elders in our house

*do you get to watch and show others the new video #Because He Lives?:
yes we got it in spanish to share with a lot of people and we have cards we give to people to invite them to watch it too

*are you staying healthy?:
yes mom i do over 100 pushups and sit ups everyday and i eat eggs in the morning and yeah i feel pretty good!

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