Monday, March 23, 2015

Wk 42 - Transfer Week

Companion: Elder Ronco
Area: Chillan

all the missionarys got called to sing for the talent show in our ward

oh yeah i have gotten good at the ukelele too! yeah that is what i bought and my comp taught me cords and stuff
and i have learned some primary songs on it. pretty cool huh?
we had a asado or bbq at our house and it was sweet!!

some members

Yes so i got transfered to a place called Talchuano and it is really close to the beach so i will be over there for the winter and i am way excited!! i have another comp and i think he is from utah as well so i am excited! I got to pack all up and go back to concepcion and it is closer to the the office so i will go to the office every week on p day like i used to.

I did get a letter from some converts in andalien and it was way good to here from them! 
I honestly can't be more excited! thats cool about the baseball team! i know they will have a great season. 

About the area where i am leaving it is pretty funny. there is an old lady that just smokes a ton and trys to speak english that always walks up to us and trys to talk to us and it is so funny. there is also another old guy that i guess has a mental sickness and the thing is that he likes to eat human flesh or something like that because everytime we walk by in the night or during the day he is standing outside his house and he will point at us and point to his mouth and he does pretty intensly and at first it was scary but it ended up being kind of funny after a while. those are some of the crazy people in this sector! haha i am going to miss some members here but definitely was a good time here.
I know that this gospel is true and i wouldnt want to be anywhere else. I know this is the best place that i can be. i have come to a point where i love teaching and finding ways to teach in simple ways. 

Every time i study or teach a lesson i realize how great this gospel is and how great this plan is that God has for us. 

I love you guys and i will be sending pics in a bit. have a wonderful week!!

elder smoot

oh by the way i forget to tell you that this past week i taught a lesson in english and it was hard to do it but i had to say the everything in spanish then in english. but this guy we found said hey you can teach me if you teach me in english and so we did but we had to say stuff in spanish too because we had a member with us! haha thought you would like to know that.

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