Monday, March 16, 2015

Wk 41 - i love you guys!

Companion: Elder Ronco
Area: Chillan

Sorry it took me so long to start writing. i was trying to send a video! 

it sounds like everything is going good with you guys. I just got to give a shout out to my sis jenna because its her birthday!!:) oh and because she is flippen engaged too! that is so crazy! well i am happy for jenna and matt that is awesome!!

i was trying to send a video but it didnt work so i will tell you what we did in the video. we were doing service for a member and well we got distracted and my comp started pitching fruit to me and i had a stick and i would hit the fruit and one time my comp grabbed a lemon and it was quite ripe so he threw it and i hit the fruit pretty hard and it ended up hitting my comp straight in the chest! haha it was a pretty funny moment as he dropped to the ground. 

Well now about the investigators. it is kinda frustrating right now because the people that want to get married they ended up having a fight with each other and so they didnt go to church. i was kinda frustrated but i shouldnt have been. i know one day they will get married but it will take a little work. we have found some other people that have some good potential so thats good. 

this week my comp and i we are going to focus and finding people because we just want to find some good people to teach. i am learning a lot from my companion and it is sweet. we are getting along pretty well so i dont want transfers to happen but we have one more week left in this transfer so we will see what happens. 

i love you guys and it makes me so happy to see you guys having a good time!! 

elder smoot

responses from Jade: 

*thats sweet to here that they (baseball team)played good. i am not going to lie it is definitely hard to hear about baseball. i do miss it a ton. if it so happens to work out after the mission i would love to play again. but thanks for the letter. you dont have questions this week?

*tell tristons grandpa hi too! miss all those boys. payton wrote me this past week and keaton still writes me and a few others too. they all sound like they are doing good!

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