Monday, February 16, 2015

Wk 37 - new comp and happy v day!!

Companion: Elder Ronco
Area: Chillan
A zone activity we had today!

so we went to visit some people in an aparment and it was sweet. we took a selfie in the elevator.
(Elder Ronco is legit. he has a ton of time.
he finishes in 2 transfers so after this one he has one more left and he is done.
 he is really relaxed and chill. i think he is one of my favorites. he is way cool)

the ward had an activity and it was for valentines day so that was cool. my comp was my valentine! haha just kiddin! 

but this week was way good and i loved it!! there are parts at night in this sector where there are crazy people. haha not really dangerous but just crazy. so my comp and i were walking ( i was with my new comp) and we saw like 3 girls walking far away from us but toward us. normally you would avoid people and give them space to walk past you right? so we kinda started walking in another direction and they like started to follow us and walk toward us still. i started to feel really uncomfortable haha and so we just kept walking and one of the girls walked past me and brushed me with her shoulder and said well basically she said something i am not going to say but it was a weird and strange experience that i had in the week. haha

we are still working with the people to get married and it is posible they will get married this month if not it would be the next month so thats pretty cool. and with daniel we had a really good lesson with him yesterday  about the restoration and it was sweet experience and he showed more of a desire to find out if it is true or not. it was pretty sweeet so we are excited to meet with him again this week. 

everything is good and i am pretty happy!!! there really isnt anything too new but i want you guys to know i love you all and i hope you all have a flippen wonderful week!!!!

elder smoot

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