Monday, February 2, 2015

Wk 35 - i never thought i could be more happy in my life!

Companion: Elder Gonzalez
Area: Chillan
elder miranda and i chillin on the couch

another hancock that is from arizona and the house in volcanes!!
it is such a nice house for missionaries

so this week was pretty cool we had a carne asada at some elders house today and it was cool. in that same house i was there for a day on a mini transfer and it was pretty cool!! we had a bbq for some elders that are finishing their missions this week. 

yes this is the final week of transfers. i believe i will be getting a new comp because my comp has 4 transfers here in this sector. that would be 6 months in one place!! holy cow that would be a lot of time to be in one place!! 

i was happy to hear that jenna and matt are back together once again!! i believe they will be spending a lot of time together! haha!

this week i got a letter that a girl that graduated with me will be coming to my mission! so that is pretty cool!! it is so awesome how many people are willing to serve a mission! 19 missionaries in our ward holy cow! that is a ton of missionaries!!

i have noticed as i go on in my misison that my english is getting kind of bad. haha i really only speak spanish and at times with the elders from the states i speak english! it is pretty cool to think about how lost i was with spanish in the beginning now it is something natural. that right there is a miracle to me and i couldnt be more grateful. still my spanish isnt perfect but i just remember how frustrated i was with it in the beginning. 

it sounds like everythhing is going good with the family so thats good. that will always bring me joy no matter what is happening in my life.

i thought that i would send some pics to you guys this week and the pics with the little bird happened 2 weeks ago we found a baby bird and we put it back in its nest. i was the only one tall enough to reach it! haha 

i never thought i could be more happy in my life! at times i have no idea why i am happy. i look at some situations in the mission and before i would be like oh man this is awful and now i have learned to always no matter what to take out the good of everything and to continue to endure! 

one thing that is pretty cool is that the comp i have now his friend that is a girl is on a misison in chile orsono where aly is and i guess aly is training my comps friend! so thats something pretty cool! there are so many connections its crazy!! 

I will be sending some pics in a bit!!

love you guys and have a flippen wonderful week!

elder smoot

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