Monday, February 9, 2015

Wk 36 - i honestly have no idea what to write!

Companion: Elder Gonzalez
Area: Chillan
this has been there for a while!! i just thought it was funny!!
 it was outside of one of the churches

mini transfer with elder sanchez
This week was really fast!!! i honestly have no idea what to write!

well we had transfers and I will meet my new comp tomorrow and he is from california and his name is elder ronco. my first gringo comp and well he is latino but was born in california. He has been out about 20 months. 

that is crazy what is happening to jenna!! oh my gosh when i saw that pic of the worm i gagged a bit... no worries i havent really eaten anything crazy so i think i am good! ojala!(I hope)

elder jensen and my comp are the ones who are leaving our house and i am still with elder sanchez from argentina so thats pretty cool! he is a good guy!! right now i am in a mini transfer with him right now. the other two went to centro to say bye to some missionaries.

Yesterday we were teaching one investigator Daniel. He is a boyfriend of a member of the church and thats how we got to know him. from what we see he is doing all of this for his girlfriend so we thought how can we help him see how jesus christ can help in his life and how he can be happier through him. Daniel is a happy guy and doesnt have any problems and i am a good friend of his because i sit by him at church but he just doesnt see how happy he could be. So what we did yesterday is we taught him how jesus can help us have more hope in our lives and when we act on our faith that brings us more joy! he was able to understand more the importance of jesus and some of the blessing we can get from jesus christ. it was a good experience for me to see someone change their thoughts about our savior jesus christ. 

We are playing soccer every friday at our church and it is sweet!! i am exactually liking soccer a little bit more! haha its so weird because i never thought i would say that. I weighed myself and i saw that i am loosing a little bit a weight. i wasnt too happy about that but i know when you walk all day and it is hot it happens! haha

It is crazy how fast time goes here! the days even seem real short and it is crazy how it is!! I couldnt be happier to be here honestly. I love this gospel and i know this gospel blesses familys. It has blessed my family and my life a ton!! i hope you all have a wonderful week!!! 

love you all!!
elder smoot

Elderes y Hermanas,

Les envío la fotos de la zona. No tengo todos los correos,
 por favor ayúdenme a enviarlo a los que faltan :D

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