Monday, January 26, 2015

Wk 34 - 2 miracles that happened this past week!

Companion: Elder Gonzalez
Area: Chillan
oh yeah and we had zone conference this week.
some friends on this mission. elder noe and elder hancock

Got a package! 
we did service this week too and cleaned this thing out!! it was pretty cool
i will send more pics next week because this computer is really slow. have a good week!! 
oh and i got a package from laurens wilsons family
and from grandma and grandmpa smoot! thanks guys!!!:)
view of the street where we live and the side of our house

we ate lunch here after we played soccer
Well this week was pretty good! we had a few miracles that are pretty cool that i am going to tell you about.

first off we found a family. the parents are Carol and Francisco and they have 3 kids. we are going to have a wedding on the 18th of February and a baptism the 21st! cool huh? i hope everything works out with that. they are a great family and i have never met a famliy so funny before!!

haha the next story is about a family that are members. well first off this family is converts as are most of the members here in chile and they do have strong testimonies!! well the mom of this family hadn't gone to church for 2 weeks which was weird and so her son that is a return missionary told us to visit his mom to help her out a little. We went to the house and we started the lesson and we were talking about all the blessings you have from the church and how if you arent building your testimony you are weakening it. well first off there are some problems within the ward which is sad and i think thats why she wasnt going to church but she told us something very cool. the night before, she had a dream that we were here in her house talking to her and telling her how if a man goes away from the church we lose a soul but if a mom goes away from the church we loose generations. and she started to cry telling us this experiences and it was pretty cool to see her attitude change right in front of us and yes she did come to church this past week. 

I feel like i have been able to learn a lot about myself the little time i got in the mission. i have been able to see a lot of miracles and spirital experiences that i wouldnt be able to have if i didnt serve a mission. i am grateful for this gospel. 

we did some cools stuff today! we played soccer this morning on a turf field and this past week we cleaned our whole house inside and out and i got some pics from that! 

i love you guys a ton! i hope you all have a wonderful week!!!

Elder Smoot

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