Monday, January 19, 2015

Wk 33 - Happy birthday mom and talia!!:)

Companion: Elder Gonzalez
Area: Chillan
sorry my camera died right after we took the pic of the bus
so we couldnt take another one

just so you know my side of the table is clean! haha 

yes 4 of us sleep in the same room. our house is small

So i sent a letter to you guys today to talia and to you mom and to dad! i know it will get there late but itll get there!! :) 

today we just studied in the morning i wrote the letters and we got ready and left as soon as we could! we have been on the summer schedule right now where we go to bed at 11 30 and wake up at 7 30. the schedule depends on the time of the year in chile. 

well last p day we play soccer and ate churi pan! it is sausage with bread thing and it is soo good i ate like 7 it was kinda gross. haha we teach like 3 lessons everyday and we have this vision where we have to have a lesson to a less active or a recent convert with a member present in the lesson of course and a lesson to a member and a lesson to an investigator with a member in the lesson as well. we try and do that every day. It is hard at times to do it every day but we get close to do it everyday!

RIght now we have Delmira who didnt come to church this past week which was a bummer but she has a baptism date for the 7th of feb. so hopefully that will work out all right! i dont know why but all the baptisms we have had in this sector is all old people! haha 

our whole mission isnt really too focused on finding people to teach as much as to help people to return to the church. it is so crazy how many people are inactive here. i have talked about before how we are contacting in the street talking to people and it isnt weird to contact someone that is a member and we have no idea because they are less active. at times it is sad because they dont want anything more with the church. 

The hard times dont effect me as much as before. i have seen why it is a commandment to share the gospel because not only will we find people to teach but as well we will find ourselves and what we acctually want in this life. i have strengthened my testimony so much in my mission and i know it isnt over. i have seen how people have changed their attitudes about things because they arent feeding themselves spiritually. 

I couldnt be more happy to be here and for all the hard times i have. i will be sending pics of my house but dont mind my comps stuff he isnt very organized! haha love you guys!!

Elder Smoot

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