Monday, January 12, 2015

Wk 32 - i am officially a chileano

Companion: Elder Gonzalez
Area: Chillan
i am officially a chileano
i had a mini transfer with elder garrido from columbia
we had an activity today!

wow it really is crazy how fast time goes!! 

one new thing in our mission that happened with all the missions of the south part of south america is they took out the numbers and we dont have to say numbers of how many other lessons we had and new investigators and a bunch more numbers we had to keep track of. they changed it so we only have to say how many people came to church and how many baptisms we had. they made it a lot easier and what they are trying to do is focus not so much on the numbers and actually working for the love of the lord. i did feel like at times like oh crap! we dont have a member for this lesson it isnt going to count for our numbers. now obviously we are going to continue working with members and visiting the people that didnt come to church but we are doing this to build each ward and have more of a focus on the salvation of people. 

the name has changed from missionary work to the work of salvation. it is a great change and this week we had so many people in the church they didnt have enought water for the sacrament they had to bless it twice! it was pretty cool but our ward there was 130 people that came to church which is a pretty good number here in chile! 

we have a 2 investigators that we are working with. we have delmira and jossette. delmire has a baptism date for the 31st of this month and jossette didnt come to church with her mom who is a less active. jossettes mom is a less active and now has been going to the church for a month now and it is awesome.

it is awesome to see the difference in the number of people at church. makes you feel like you are actually doing something!! haha! i have learned that the hard times dont really matter anymore and you just got to keep being strong and enjoy every moment! 

i have been told i am too happy sometimes so i guess thats not bad! haha!

i love you guys and i hope you guys have a good week i will be sending some pics in a bit!!!

have a wonderful week you guys!!

elder smoot

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