Monday, October 27, 2014

Wk 21 - . i have found so much happiness this week

Companion: Elder Ramos
Area: Andalein
saw my old companion today! (Elder Incil)

my comp and i are having a hard time finding right now and everyday is kind of long but i feel like this is the time where i have grown the most spiritually. i have realized that i am not always going to have success but i still have to find happiness. i have learned a little bit better how i can depend on the Lord Jesus Christ and how i can find happiness. i have found so much happiness this week. yes we have walked a ton this past week but i have never been happier talking to every person we see and testifying to of the truthfulness of the gospel. i don't know if you knew me before but i would have never done this before my mission. i feel like i am proud to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ and i am not ashamed to tell every person of the happiness that they can have.

this week i have felt the adversary working on me more than i have ever felt before but i have felt more peace and happiness through pray and it is something that is hard to explain. many times this week i have felt the efforts of satan but i chose not to listen and rely on the gospel and the scriptures for my happiness. family i want all you guys to know i love you all so much. there is not anything in this whole world that is more important than to return to our father in heaven. thinking about this a lot lately and about baseball. i have made the decision to focus on family and the gospel after my mission. baseball has been really fun and all but i have realized that there is more. 

2 weeks ago we watched this video that Jefferey R. Holland spoke at the mtc of provo. he talked about Preach my Gospel and how the program that we have is awesome. he talked about how before we had a problem with our program how all the lessons were memorized and nothing was really to find the needs of the people. he also said that Gordon B. Hinckley knew there was a problem because they were always focusing on the investigator and not the missionary. he talked about how the missionary needs to be converted and to have a testimony before they can convert someone else. he said that there were missionaries after their missions would fall away from the church because they weren't converted before and how could you fall away after preaching about it for 2 years. anyway this video was powerful and if you can find the talk on the internet and watch it i would like all you guys to watch this one talk. 

so i am on my fourth paragraph and i hope you are happy mom;) i just want to testify that there is nothing more important than to return with our father in heaven. i love all you guys so much! i hope you all have a good week and the story with jewel is awesome! i love spiritual experiences like that! love you fam!!:)

Elder Smoot

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