Monday, November 3, 2014

Wk 22 - ¡Todo bien en Chile!

Companion: Elder Ramos
Area: Andalein

well this week was pretty good! every Wednesday we play soccer so that's always fun! 

one thing that happened is one of our recent converts well she was baptized like 7 months ago and she died from old age this past week! we always visited her and her daughter was always with her in the house and this past Sunday they had the funeral in the church after church and the daughter talked to us a little bit before the funeral. she expressed how grateful she is for the missionaries and having them always visit her mom and it was cool to see because her daughter is a less active and is participating in another church and she was expressing how grateful she was for the missionaries. i hope that she can find her way back to the true church. we are going to continue to visit the daughter and hopefully we can help her out.

i really have no idea what to write! one thing that i have learned here on the mission is to depend on the gospel and the spirit to bring me happiness and comfort. i am grateful for the comfort that i can have when i am so far away from home. it is a testimony builder how true this church is. i know without a doubt this church is true and there is nothing i would rather be doing than sharing the happiness i have. 

i just want to thank you mom for the dog dazer thing that you sent me! it has brought me a of entertainment! haha i will just be walking in the street and a dog will start barking. i use the thing and that dog just runs right off! its like magic! haha but there are some dogs that just get more mad and that's when we just walk the other way! haha!

 i enjoy my new companion and he is a great guy! we have 2 more weeks left with this transfer and it has gone by so fast!

one thing that i have learned and i am so grateful for is it is more important to please God than men. 

i hope you all have a wonderful week and i love you all!!

Elder Smoot

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