Monday, October 6, 2014

Wk 18 - Conference!

Companion: Elder Incil
Area: Andalein

i make pancakes almost everyday in the morning

all are members in front of the church

I learned so much from Conference and it was a way good experience! i don't know why but conference is so much better when you are on your mission! i have to share something for tayton because he popped in my head when actually i don't remember who said it but it talks about studying the scriptures daily and how you can be safe from the effects of satan through daily scripture study. i have a huge testimony about that and how that helped me to be better my senior year of high school. i just want you tayton to have daily scripture study and i promise you that it will bless your life.

All right i will get to your guys favorite part of a funny story! this week we were eating lunch with bishops family and the bishop has a little son and he doesn't like corn at all. his mom fed him corn and someone said hey is that corn and the kid didn't realize he was eating corn till someone said something and so the kid started gagging and just lost it!! haha! i was laughing so hard because elder Hancock cant stand throw up at all and he was plugging his ears and looking away and he almost lost it as well. anyway i thought that was pretty funny and i wanted to share that!

Family i want you guys to know those 4 tools that elder Holland talked about is something you guys can do to strength your testimonies as a family. there is nothing that would bring me more joy than to know that my whole family has strong testimonies in the gospel. I did enjoy the video that you guys did for me. i was able to watch that today and i had no idea the zone leaders were doing that for the missionaries. i enjoyed the part where Austin was speaking spanish it was pretty sick! 

anyway i love you guys so very much and i know how important it is to have a growing testimony everyday. hope you all have a wonderful week. 

con amor,
Elder Smoot

one interesting thing i want to tell you- they opened a new sector and because we have a big house we are going to have 6 elders living in the same house so that will be crazy!

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