Monday, October 13, 2014

Wk 19 - This week was fast!

Companion: Elder Ramos
Area: Andalein
Good-bye to Elder Incil 
this lady was sealed in the provo temple and is a member in my area
she lived in chile but only visited to be sealed)

I cant believe how big Dixie looks. i only remember her crawling around and thats about it! i would love if you would send pics of her kids!

It is kinda hard to remember all the stories that happen but don't worry i have them written in my journal so that's good! every day it seems there is something that happens that makes all the walking and all the talking to the people worth it. a couple days ago my companion and i we were just walking a ton that day and we were so tired and the sun is down by this time and we saw this lady and we decided to go and talk to her and we talked to her for 15 minutes or so and we shared about the temples and how she could do work for her family in the temples and we got an appointment with her this next saturday and was very interested! i hope all turns out all right with her!

It is weird here on the mission. i am so happy but always so tired! haha but honestly i dont think i have ever been happier in my life. on the mission over time that you have experiences you realize the importance of decisions, family, and well the church on the earth. I couldnt be more grateful to have all my familiy on the path to return to live with father in heaven! i am so grateful for all you guys! 

i will try and send another video hopefully it will work!! have a wonderful week family!

love you all!!!

Elder Smoot

some questions/answers:

*tell us about your new companion? 
my companion is Elder Ramos and he is awesome! he is a good guy and i feel like we will get along! he cant really speak english and can understand english but we only talk in spanish it is just easier for both of us. he is from Sau Paulo Brazil! He has been out 11 months

*How's it working out with 6 Elders in your house? 
it is crazy i just work out and get in the shower really fast so i am not last haha

*tell us about the people you are teaching now?
we are trying to find people right now and so only less actives right now

*how big is your ward? how helpful are the members in helping the missionaries? 
about 150 people attend but there is so many less actives and we have a lot members that go to the lessons with us

*do you use that bug spray I sent you? How bad are the fleas? 
yeah i dont really have a problem anymore

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