Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wk 20 - New companion! /videos!

Companion: Elder Ramos
Area: Andalein

Andalein Zone Conference

ok so like every day this week was way fast! it is still weird to think that i am on my mission! it is weird to think how fast time goes! 

So i am getting a package ready for you guys! is there anything that you would like in it specificly? i got to say my favorite present is the one i am giving to Austin! you guys just have to wait and see! haha
On saturday i had a really cool experience and i was a good example of somebody that had really strong faith. My comp and i visited an old lady in our ward and she had been sick for the past 3 days and she asked us to give her a blessing so she could go to church the next day. i felt like i needed to bless her that she would feel better tomorrow so she could go to church. it was a spiritual experience for me and she said a closing prayer after we shared a scripture and in the prayer she said that she had no doubt that she would feel better tomorrow and that she could go to church! it was a cool experience for me to see someone with strong faith.
one funny story is there was a little fat kid up on a hill and we were walking back from lunch yesterday and the fat kid said to all his friends "LOOK the mormons!!!" they all had toy guns in their hands and they all started pretending to shoot us and it was pretty funny! 

all in all everything is good i love the gospel so much!! i know how important it is to continue to build your testimony everyday!!
Elder Smoot
New Elders in the house!

*hows the new comp?!
he is cool i am going to send a video of him talking in portuguese for tanner 

*hows the weather?
it is perfect right now. not too hot and not too cold! 

*do you still get fed every day?
yeah every day except p day because we are in centro most of the day writing and buying food

*how is chile most different from here?
-well every one speaks spanish haha 
-you need to lock up your house and every house has a gate around it 
-well it is very dirty here. people just throw stuff on the ground! it is sad to see how people are here 
-i hate dogs here! there are too many dogs in the street and they always bark as you walk by so pretty much i just get barked at most the day. don't get me wrong i love being here!! 
-some people use horses and not cars. most people just get around by bus. 
-we yell to knock on doors! Ahloo!!! haha because everyone has a gate so we can't knock. at times there is a little door bell by the gate you can push! but there is a ton of different things! 
-some houses i cant stand up straight and i always got to watch for my head! haha

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