Monday, September 29, 2014

Wk 17 - Baptism!!

Companion: Elder Incil
Area: Andalein
pretty much the sign says hi family!

this is the kid ignacio that i baptized

check out this big plate of meat i was definitely in heaven for a while there

As you saw in the picture i do actually enjoy the food here!

So this past week my comp and i had 2 baptisms which is way exciting because this family had been coming to church for 2 months now and now they were finally baptized! it is cool because they really want to go to the temple as a family as well. gosh when we talk about the temple i like thirst to go to the temple and it sucks because i cant go right now! haha i think one of the first things i am going go do is go to the temple here in about 20 months! haha it is fun to talk to people and see people feel the spirit!! 

I had a really cool experience this past week or i think it was this past week! the weeks kind of blend together but we were teaching this person who was baptized recently and she had not been making good decisions and i have never seen her in the church once since i had been here but we teach her all the time. we talked about her life in this lesson and how nothing in this world is more important than returning to our father in heaven. there was a lot of silence in this lesson where i think the spirit taught her and not us as missionaries. it was cool because we didn't say anything and she started crying because the spirit was so strong. it goes to show as you let the spirit teach and you give an opportunity for the spirit to teach people will feel the spirit. 

another story that is pretty funny. so you guys know that i look like a giant walking down the street with my companion and we were walking down this street and 2 kids were playing soccer and they all stopped and stared at us as we were walking and one of the kids pointed and said LOOK its BIG!! and my comp and i started laughing and it was pretty funny! 

but this week was good and time flies here and I love my family more and more every day!! and it brings me joy that i know my family can be together forever. 

Elder Smoot

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