Monday, August 4, 2014

Wk 9 - Loving it here in Chile!!

Companion: Elder Incil
Area: Andalein

well all is well here in chile!! i went on a mini combio with elder bence and the other elder with our beanies on is elder pavon!! i live with the zone leaders and they both are way cool!! i need to get a picture with elder hancock the other zone leader! he played baseball in high school in arizona and we have a lot in common!!

family- life is good here!! i never thought about how much joy you can have out in the compo misional!! but i have funny things happen to me as well!! we see drunk people all the time and 2 times this week we stopped to talk to them without knowing how drunk they were!! first time we stopped and after realizing how drunk this guy was we gave him a card and we are like well he will look at it when he comes to. but he kept trying get way close to my face and so i just held him away and he kept trying! it was pretty funny though.

another time we see this guy and go talk to him and he was super drunk. and trying to understand spanish right now is kinda difficult but trying to understand a drunk guy is super hard!! haha we shook his hand and he gave me a wet kiss on my hand and oh boy it was nasty!! haha we gave him a card as well and we were like well that is an easy contact! haha as well we saw a drunk guy peeing in a parking lot so that was scary. but you just have to laugh at those things!! 

on the more serious side here on the mission you feel so close to God and it is awesome. i have never felt love for so many random people. just randomly walking up to someone and really caring about their salvacion(cant remember how to spell it in english) is awesome! nothing better than being out here. yes i do miss my family and more people but nothing i would rather be doing!! love this work and my testimonio is strengthened every day!! i hope you all have a fantastic week!!!

Elder Smoot
Andalein Zone Conference July 2014

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