Monday, August 11, 2014

Wk 10 - whats up my fam!!

Companion: Elder Incil
Area: Andalein

I love hearing from you guys each week!! every single week goes by pretty quick!! i have weird experiences here though!! to expain that one picture with the guy passed out is just to show you how many people drink here!! it is kinda sad to see how many people throw away their lives!! but when you see someone passed out on the side of the road i couldnt help but to take and pic!! haha 

i think it was a couple of days ago where my companion and i are walking down the street and this happens a ton where people see that i am american or as they call them Greengos and they say hello and laugh because they are speaking english i dont know!! haha but this guy said hello are you? and just smiled and I said im very good thank you! and thinking this guy was just a nice old man he said i feel like crap!! and yelled it! except he didnt say crap he said the other word. haha i just kept walking and i was laughing but my companion was confused and i had to say el dijo un malo palabra en ingles. it was kind of strange!!

on the bright side my companion and i found a family that is golden but the only thing is we havent met the husband because he lives some where else for work! we have taught them multiple lessons and they have come to church! their family is way tight! they have this son named Diego and he is probably the funniest kid. i gave him a 1 dollar bill because i still have american money and they think it is the coolest thing!! haha but i hope everything works out with their family!!

 hey i want you guys to know i love you all and pray for you guys everyday!! have a wonderful week and it brings me so much joy seeing my parents take a selfie riding a scooter!! haha love you guys!!

Elder Smoot

elder dillon hancock is my homeboy!! he is from arizona. i want you to look him up on facebook and talk to his mom or something or whatever you do! haha he is one of my favorite kids!!

yes it rains a ton here


*what are the names of the other Elders that live in your house?
pavon, hancock, incil

*ever had Cumpletos? Or empanadas? how
expensive are they?
yes all the time and they are way good. and not very expensive

*what is your daily schedule? 
 in the winter we go from 7 to 11 and in the summer 7 30 to 11 30

*What do you do on Pday? do you play any sports?
yeeah soccer behind the church they have a little court for soccer

*how's your Health? did you get over your Cold? 
my health is good i feel fine

*have any problems with Fleas? 
i dont have a huge problem with fleas but only a little problem

*did you get your PACKAGE?
yes thank you i loved it

*when you say 'dangerous' part of the mission- what does that mean? I
crime- drunk people and gangsters but they are very small people here haha

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