Monday, July 28, 2014

Wk 8 - This week went by fast!!!

Area: Andalein
Companion: Elder Incil

I felt like i was writing you guys yesterday!! it is weird how fast weeks go by!! i definitely agree with nick spinder on how fast weeks go by!!  ("there is Monday, Wednesday, Sunday,and Monday again because it goes by so fast") days seem long but weeks seem short!! it is really weird!! 

ok so this past week i got a little sick on saturday and we came back to the house around 6 30. i was coughing and sneezing and i wasnt feeling too well!! during lessons i couldn't stop and my companion was like dude are you ok? but he said it in spanish haha and so we ended going back to the house and i just slept and i am slowly getting over it!! but all is well now!! 

we will have another baptism this saturday with jose mora!! he is a blind guy and is way tight!! chile is known for people who speak way fast spanish!! so it is hard to understand but i will get it eventually with time!! 

I have enjoyed every meal here so far except one! oh man i did not like it!! haha it was pretty funny!! these members just fried a fish and left all the shiny skin on it and fried the fish. so they put this fish in front of me and at first i was thinking oh baby fried chicken!! but boy was i wrong!!! it had all the bones still in it and they asked you like it? i just smiled and said sipo!! este pescado es muy bien!! haha oh man it was definitely a good experience!!! 

life here is good and the area i found out it is one of the most dangerous areas in the mission and you just gotta be careful but we havent had any problems... yet hahaha just messing mom we will be fine.

well love you guys and tell tayton cuz i know he probably wont read this- to keep working hard in whatever he is doing!! all will be well!!

love you guys and i miss you a bunch only and the day i see all you guys again will be glorious but for now i gotta help people out here in chile!! haha nos vemos!! 

i love you and talk to you next week!! have an amazing week!!!!

Elder Smoot

this is jose mora who is going to be baptized this saturday!!

*how's your spanish coming?
my spanish is all right but it is hard to understand people right now

*do you cook for yourself sometimes? 
yeah in the morning and a snack at night but we always have lunch with members except on p day

*do you just walk? do you ever take a bus?
walk everywhere but when we go write and to the mission home we take a bus

*do you feel safe there?
yeah i feel safe but we are in probably the most dangerous part of the mission haha but all is well no worries

*tell us about the ward?
there are a lot of members but a ton a inactive members and we are assigned only one ward

*are you staying warm? 
yeah i am warm all the time

*used your boots yet?  long johns?
yeah when it rains a ton i use my boots and yeah i sleep in my long johns

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