Monday, August 25, 2014

wk 12 - I hope I turn into Spider-Man!

Companion: Elder Incill
Area: Andalein
lunch at a member's house after church

the guy is not the dad he is a member that teaches a lot of lessons with us. he is a pretty cool guy!!

I don't even remember what i do on all the days!! all i know is that time goes fast here!! i will send a pic of the family that two of them have a baptism date. the family is awesome and are so ready to receive the gospel. they have a little kid who is 7 so he can't be baptized yet. i love teaching the family because they are always so interested in what we have to say! i love all the times we teach because it is always a spiritual experience!! 

every Mericoles or wednesday we play soccer at the church with kids who are inactive and other kids who aren't members. i guess i found out that i am not terrible at soccer well... the only thing i have on them is i can kick the ball a lot harder! haha but the little chilenos are pretty good!!

My spanish is coming along slowly. i always can understand a little more each day and i can most of the time understand them. It is hard here because people talk so fast!! but i am getting the hang of it but i still need to improve a ton!! 

so on saturday in the morning i woke up with this thing that i thought was a huge scratch! i didnt think much of it so i just kind of went on with the day. by saturday night i had three little blister things on my arm and i was thinking this cant be good. my companion said oh dont worry about it. i didn't really worry about it until sunday morning it was pretty big. the three little blisters were one huge blister and it popped in my sweater and there was so much crap that came out!! it was nasty! i cleaned it and i asked the mission nurse about it today and i showed her the picture of it with the blister and the first words she said was OH NO. haha i was thinking oh crap what is this. she gave me some medicine for it and i will clean it for the next couple days and if it gets worse i am supposed to call her. so i hope all will turn out all right! 

my week was pretty good other than now my camera doesn't really work anymore and a spider bit me. but if i turn into spider-man i wont mind.

 i am staying in the same area in Andalein for another cambio. I just finished 6 weeks here in chile! so that's something that's cool! i am still living with the same elders in my house. 

but i want you guys to know i love you and i hope you have a wonderful week.

Elder Smoot

(more pics from last week's zone activity )

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