Monday, August 18, 2014

Wk 11 - i love pirates!

Companion: Elder Incill
Area: Andalein

i have a ton of pics but i might not have time to explain all of them 
but the pictures on the beach was one from a zone class 
with Elder Hancock

Elder Hancock, Incill, & Pavon (our house)
we had a mini combio i was with elder catron from argentina and i stayed in elder mittons house on his birthday. it was pretty cool. i learned a ton from them. elder mitton is a stud out here!

 you usually can see a city behind us
 but it was so foggy you could hardly see anything!

i know you want longer letters but because of all the pictures i sent i have a little time!! 

this week was pretty good!! i went to the new missionary conference and learned a ton!! i was with elder catron who is a freakin stud!! he is from argentina and he is companions with elder mitton who is only a year older than me and went to pg! all the new missionaries were companions with zone leaders so they get to learn a ton. i learned i needed to contact more!! i told my companion that we needed to talk to more people!! we did that and had 247 contacts this week which was pretty cool!! elder mitton and elder catron have over 300 contacts a week which is insane! i am enjoying it though!! i can have simple conversations in the street but i am still no where near good yet!! 

(pictures from the mission blog of the new missionary conference)

I had another funny experience with a drunk guy!! my companion and i see this drunk guy and he says cuidado which is be careful and i see he is drunk and i am thinking oh this is going to be good. i dont know why but the drunk people always try and talk to you. but he was talking to us and he was a pretty fat guy and was just so drunk and he started crying and i could help but try not to laugh! oh man it was pretty funny!! 

i love you guys have a good week!

Elder Smoot
when i am wearing regular clothes that was from today when we went and had a bbq with our zone. 
it was pretty dope and there was a pirate cave there. 
one thing you might have never known about me is i love pirates so much. 
this is the pirate cave

with Elder Hancock

elder hancock and i had to run from the pirate cave on the beach to our bus and i was so sweaty!!

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