Monday, September 1, 2014

Wk 13 - power of faith...

Companion: Elder Incill
Area: Andalein

sorry i dont have any pictures this week because my camera broke but i am still in the same area so no worries!! 

so this week my companion and i found a few investigators that i can see potential in them which is good!! i also have had a pretty cool thing that happened! i am going to tell about this guy name Marcelo! he was a menos activo which is a less active because of his work. he worked on sundays so he couldnt go to church. i have become pretty good friends with this guy as we go and teach him lessons. when we were in the lesson with him we were talking about going to church and the importance of that and it is hard at times because he is the only member of the church in his family. i told him that i dont know what it is like to be in situation like that but i do know that the church is true and it is important for us to go renew our baptismal covenants each week. i asked him if he thinks God will prepare a way for him to attend church every week. he looked at me very seriously he said yes. this past sunday he found out that he doesn't have to work anymore sundays and he can continue to attend church every week. that was a cool experience for me of how much faith one person has and the power of faith. 

this week was really good and we play soccer on wednesday nights with some inactive members and some people who arent members and some members. i think i am getting the hang of soccer!!! i actually kind of like it now. the only reason i can play with them is they all weigh 100 lbs. haha! its pretty funny i just bump into them and they fly haha! next thing i know i got a soccer ball at my feet and yeah its not so bad haha!

 my testimony is definitely strengthened and tested each day but i know without a doubt that God is there. i have felt him so close to me here in the mission. i love this gospel so much and i love to learn more about this gospel each day. 

one thing i took for granite when i was home was going to the temple. nothing compares to the feeling being in the temple. i miss going to the temple right now and now i cant go for 2 years and it eats me alive that i cant go to the temple for 2 years.

but one more cool thing that happened is we did a service project and we had to wreck a house and tear it down. it was the funnest thing i have ever done and it is great stress management btw. 

the past week was pretty awesome and i am grateful to be here in a mission although it is so hard I love it here. 

chau no mas!! 

Elder Smoot

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