Monday, July 21, 2014

Wk 7 - First week in Chile!

Area: Andalien
Companion: Elder Incil
Elder Smoot & Elder Incil
with President and Hermana Arringtom

we are both in white because he helped her from behind cuz she cant really carry her own weight very well so when you dunk her and he helped up as well

yep i had to memorize it in spanish!

So my first week was pretty crazy and just getting used to everything but man it is all good!! i love this work and love my new companion!! he does only speak spanish and very little english so it is only spanish from here on out!! haha esta bien!! my new companion is from peru and i live in a house with 2 other elders who are the zone leader!! they are both way cool! one of them is from arizona and played baseball and knows english haha!

it is kinda of hard to understand people when they speak fast but i usually talk to people first then my companion answers because i dont understand!! haha

i love all the members here!! it is different when you go to church and you have to shake their hand then hug then shake again haha. with the girls we obviously only shake their hand!

the food here is the bomb!! haha i love it! the members make pretty good food and there hasnt been a meal yet that i havent liked so thats good!! 

all is well with me!! i just cant wait till i can speak fluently because everything will be so much easier!! everyone here is pretty nice and i love it! 

it is only cold here when in rains but when they sun is out sometimes i dont even need a sweater or anything but other days you need to dress warm!! so happy to be here! of course missionary work is hard but it is definitely good for you!! like you always say mom work is good for you!! i am just going to focus and bringing people to christ and all will be well:) 

i hope you all have a great week and it was good to hear about all that is going on!! austin's appendix bursted! thats crazy!!

as you can see in the pictures i was able to baptize rosa elena figueroa!

my companion and i went to this less active members to teach a lesson and we get there and the lady let us in and she calls down her daughters. i sit on the couch and the daughters come down. one of them has down syndrome and the other i dont know but she had something different- anyway they start freaking out and speaking spanish and i have no idea what is going so i just go shake their hand. the down syndrome one winks at me and blows me a kiss and the other one i shook her hand and she leaned in for a kiss and i was terrified!! i had no idea what to do but the mom pulled away her daughter and we all were laughing pretty hard. the lady sent her kids up and the down syndrome one again blew me a kiss as she walked away!! during the lesson the down syndrome one came down and sat on the stairs and stared at me smiling. it was very uncomfortable haha. my companion and i had a good laugh about it. but all is good here and cant wait for more embarassing stories to come!! haha love you guys!!!

Elder Smoot


*who cut your hair?
the mtc people 

*tell us all about your area?
it is definitely different than i am used to but it is cool and not that cold but it is weird cuz the houses are the same temperature as outside! haha and yes i live in a house

*your companion?! 
he is from peru and only speaks spanish! haha he is 20 and has been out 8 months but he is way nice and very respectful- we do have a dictionary for spanish and english so its all good!! haha i am learning a lot fast and am able to speak faster!! but i love my comp he's a pretty cool guy!!

*what  food do you eat? do you ever get fed? 
a lot of meat and its all good!! we get fed every day by members and we had homemade bread and it was way good!!
*how's the weather? are you cold at night? 
it is sometimes cold but no i am good at night i have like five blankets i use

*do you do your own laundry? 
yeah in the house and we hang it up in the back yard to dry

a cool fact i found out! we share a mission home with concepcion south mission so i might see mark on p day every once in a while!! i thought that was pretty cool!! made me happy thinking maybe i didnt say goodbye to mark for the last time in the ccm!

another thought i had about missionary work is this. of course you miss your family and all your friends and you miss not knowing where everything is in the city but i would not want to be anywhere else helping people come to christ and teaching people about the opportunity to be in gods presence again. nothing has brought me so much joy.

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