Sunday, July 6, 2014

Wk 4 - Hola me familia!! Como le va??

Mexico MTC
Companion: Elder Siggard
Jeremiah Evans, Jade, Mark Sheffield, Spencer Romney
Jade and Mark!
Pleasant Grove Elders
(thank you Sister Jones!)

Gosh i dont know where to even start!! its crazy seeing mark, spencer all here!! i am not used to that yet!! i see spencer and jeremiah at meals every day! 

it sounds like you guys are doing good!!:) it brings me so much comfort knowing you guys are having a good time:) truth be told i am also having a blast:) life is honestly good here!! i just wrote back tanner and i told him that at the end of each day although maybe i had hard time during that day i can never say i had a bad day!!

 it so good to see pics from the family reunion in idaho!! 

the only thing a mission has made me realize is that i need to grow up a little!! still working on that though!! haha i feel happy being here on a mission and i love the spirit that is in the mtc!! i realized how blessed i am here in the mtc!! having some of my friends here and seeing them everyday is a huge blessing!! 

one funny thing though is they lost marks luggage and i was laughing until he told me there was a package in it for me. by then he was laughing at me!! haha i am sure mark has his luggage now so when i see him later today i will stop by his house tonight and get in from him! it was really good to see him though!! i love that kid! 

me vida es bien!! i want you guys to know i love you all and miss you!! i will see you all again one day:)

Elder Smoot 

hey i will make up for not sending pictures home this week!! i am sending a letter home today so expect it in about 11 days!!

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