Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Pleasant Grove Elders

I received this email from Sister Jones (a teacher from Jade's Jr. High) - a couple of Elders arrived at the Mexico MTC this past week that Jade went to school with:

I tried to get all three Elders together before Devotional, but only found Elder Smoot and Elder Evans.  After Devotional I took a picture of all three amazing missionaries and another picture with their companions.

All missionaries said to tell their moms they love them. 

Elder Evans, Elder Smoot, & Elder Romney
the background is a random mural on a wall in Gordon B. Hinckley building (the auditorium).
 It was raining really hard outside, so we had to take the picture inside

Also- a little bit of information I got from Sister Jones about the Mexico MTC:

Right now there are about 600 missionaries here - next week it will be about 750!  We will get over 1,000 this summer.  My best guess is that about 1,200 would max it out.  It's getting busier every week!  The cafeteria is so noisy!  

The Mexico Temple closed at the end of last year for renovations.  Mexico City is built on a lake bed and so the ground is really unstable.  The Temple has been sinking so they are doing some work on the foundation.  It should open in about another year or so.  The Visitor's Center was just remodeled and rededicated.  We take the missionaries there so they can see a bit of the city and the Temple.  

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