Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wk 3 - Esta bien!!

Mexico MTC
Companion: Elder Siggard

Elder Spencer Romney arrived June 25th at the Mexico MTC!

family!! i love you guys and was so happy to get a package from all of you!! gosh i was so happy to see familiar faces come to the mtc!! i will have hermana jones send you a picture of all 3 of us probably on sunday, i talked to her about that! at this point we give a lesson every day and we are teaching 2 different people! giving a lesson is probably my favorite part of the day because we learn so much as we teach as to what to expect when we teach out in the mission field!!

i love hearing from jenna and her mission!! reading her letters help me out a ton here!! i also love writing matt!! they both are huge helps to me! i also am emailing brody which is pretty cool!! sounds like he is doing good! i am proud of that kid! gosh it is a wonderful experience here. i feel like my testimony grows every day!! i love kidding the pictures of talias and austins family i love those kids! so you guys are headed to idaho right now? tell the rest of the fam up there hi!! all is well here!! its hard to tell you anything cool that has happened!! i think it is amazing how so many people can learn a language!! i have seen the lords help in my life and i love this gospel a ton!! i guess you dont realize how much he is in your life until you have to rely on him to help you out!! i have been given so much the least i can do is serve a mission for 2 years. i cant wait for all the cool experiences i will have down the road!! i love you family!!
Elder Smoot

Q & A:
Q: What is the date that you will leave to Chile? 
A: i leave the 15th
Q: Do you speak Spanish most of the time? or just in class? Are there alot of native Spanish-speaking missionaries? 
A: yeah kind of. we talk a lot in class and sometimes me and my companion will talk in mostly spanish and some english
Q: where are your MTC teachers from? American or Native? 
A: my mtc teachers are native and they can speak a little english but i know enough to talk to them. i am pretty good friends with all of them though
Q: have you met missionaries going to your mission? 
A: yeah there are a ton that i have met going to my mission. one kid is from af and graduated my year and flew on the plane with me. he is pretty cool and there are a bunch of others going to concepcion
Q: are those other Elders in your District taller than you?! Man! I bet you guys get alot of attention!? That's a powerful group! 
A: yeah one guy is 6 ft 7 and the other is a little taller than 6 ft 4 
Q: take pictures of your room! How many are in your room? The MTC looks like a beautiful place! 
A: just four and we all get along so its cool

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